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Got A New York Traffic Ticket?

There's no need to go to court...our traffic lawyers can go for you. We make it simple and easy to fight any traffic or speeding ticket issued anywhere in New York State. Since 1991, our attorneys have helped over 50,000 motorists.

We promise to:

Charge one flat fee (no surprises)
Patiently explain in plain English
Be accessible and responsive
Reduce hassle, stress and inconvenience
Be honest with your prospects (even with bad news)

Canadian Residents with a New York Traffic Ticket

A conviction in New York will transfer to your Québec or Ontario driver license and points will be assessed as if the ticket was issued in Québec or Ontario. Our lawyers, therefore, often recommend fighting NY traffic and truck tickets issued to Canadian drivers. Our attorneys are very familiar with the demerit systems in Ontario and Québec, and are often able to avoid or minimize points being added to your Canadian driver license. Of course, if you drive in New York State regularly, then we may recommend handling your case differently.

Out-of-State Residents

The Drivers License Compact requires member states to report traffic ticket convictions imposed upon a motorist to his or her home state so that the home state can determine whether to give you points.

However, every state is different about point transfers. Therefore, before you plead guilty, contact our lawyers to learn how your home state will treat a conviction to a New York traffic ticket. Our attorneys maintain a comprehensive database covering the interplay between a New York conviction and other states and will, free of charge, give you sound advice as to whether it makes sense to fight your ticket.

New York Truck Drivers

We defend many companies and truck drivers from truck tickets, such as over-weight, over-length, unsecured load and safety equipment violations. Some truck tickets are criminal misdemeanors, carry high fines and/or adversely affect a CDL license. Given these possible consequences, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable law firm when issued such tickets.

Because a corporation must be represented by an attorney in any NY criminal proceeding, corporate officers are wasting their time in answering truck tickets issued to their companies. Don't bother trying, your case will only be given a new date to return with a NY truck ticket lawyer.

Disputar Una Multa De Tráfico Puede Ser Fácil Y Simple

Una multa de tráfico por exceso de velocidad o por otra infracción de tránsito no es una broma y nunca es divertido, pero tampoco tiene que ser complicado.

Reduzca las complicaciones y la tensión relacionada con la disputa de una multa de tráfico en Nueva York. Nuestra oficina le explicará en español, y le hablaremos de su caso en una forma clara y honesta. Elimine la necesidad de esperar en las filas del Departamento de Motores y Vehículos o perder tiempo en la corte de tráfico. ¡Contrátenos! Al final del día verá que disputar una multa de trafico no es gran cosa cuando contráta a nuestro abogados.

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