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EZ Pass provides discounts at numerous NYC bridges and tunnels connecting Manhattan to the outer boroughs and New Jersey, as well as on toll highways like the New York Thruway.  It also allows you to minimize waiting time passing through tolls.

To get one, you need to agree to abide by the E-ZPass License Agreement Terms & Conditions including that you will approach and pass through E-Z Pass-only lanes at or below the posted speed limit.  For a first EZ Pass speeding violation, the EZ Pass Violation Processing Unit will  usually issue a warning letter with a 60-day probationary period.  Here’s a sample letter:
EZ Pass Ticket

For a second violation, you will likely be suspended for 60 days by the EZ Pass Violation Processing Center, and for a third violation your suspension can be extended or you can lose your EZ pass all together.

Note that these penalties are based on speeding while using any EZ pass tag assigned to your account (not just the one which resulted in the first letter).

The good news is that getting caught speeding through an EZ pass lane is not a moving violation and will not appear on your driver license or affect your auto insurance rates (except if  a police officer actually issues you a traffic ticket for speeding and you are convicted of that charge).

To sign up for an EZ Pass, call 1-800-333-8655 or visit www.e-zpassny.com