Disobeying a Red Light

There are many reasons why someone may run a red light. Maybe you were distracted. Maybe you were thinking about the million things you have to do. Maybe you were worrying about life in general. Or maybe you were in a hurry and thought you could beat a yellow light.

Regardless of the circumstances, getting a traffic ticket can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, disobeying a traffic control signal such as a red light and its subsequent fight does not have to be complicated. In fact, with the right attorney, you may find the process a lot easier.

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What is a red light traffic ticket in New York? 

Section 1111(d) of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Laws (VTL) establishes that traffic is required to stop at a clearly marked stop line — meaning whenever there is a red light.

  • If there is no light, the driver must stop before entering a crosswalk on the near side of the intersection. 
  • If there is no crosswalk, the vehicle must stop at the point nearest the intersection where the driver has a view of the approaching traffic. 
  • Vehicles are required to remain stopped until an indication to proceed is shown (such as by a green light or directions from a police officer).  

What are the fines associated with running a red light in New York? 

The fines associated with running a red light in New York may vary depending on whether you have any previous traffic violations on your record. They start at $250 and go up with subsequent red light convictions. However, in addition to the fine, you may also be required to pay surcharges that could go up to $85.

In addition to the related fines, being convicted of running a red light will result in 3 points being assessed against your driver’s license. Keep in mind that if you already have points from previous traffic violations, these 3 additional points may expose you to a driver’s license suspension — specifically, if you have accumulated 11 points within an 18-month period. Also, if you accumulate 6 or more points within 18 months, then you are subject to paying a $300+ Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee.

Red Light Ticket: Police Officer Served vs. Red Light Camera

When you get pulled over by a police officer, you actually have a person who can testify about what they perceived on the day in question. Your attorney can cross-examine them as to how they first noticed you, whether you were the person driving the vehicle, and any other relevant factors.

On the other hand, red light camera tickets pose problems, such as whether the footage is clear enough to determine that it was your vehicle — and more importantly, whether you were the person driving the car. It is because of this reason that getting a red light ticket from a surveillance camera does not carry any points assessed against your driving record.

Please note that Weiss & Associates does NOT handle red-light camera tickets because they carry 0 points and are very hard to beat. 

Possible Defenses for Red Light Ticket in New York

You Were Not the Person Driving the Vehicle

If a friend or family member borrowed your car, you are not responsible for their red-light violations. And you do not have to throw a loved one under the bus. You can simply make the argument that you were not driving your vehicle — and prove it with evidence that you were somewhere else at the time the ticket was issued, such as at work, a doctor’s appointment, or out of town. 

Also, if a police officer directed you to run a red light to clear the intersection, this could be a viable defense.

There are other defenses but what they may be depends on the unique facts of your case.

How Can Weiss & Associates Attorneys Help Me With My Red Light Ticket? 

Should your case need to go to court for failure to stop at a red light in NYC, a New York traffic lawyer will vigorously defend you anywhere in New York State, including at the NYC Traffic Violations Bureau. You do not have to be inconvenienced. Let a New York traffic attorney appear on your behalf instead and make the whole experience no big deal. Our flat fee means no surprises for you and our experienced team of New York ticket lawyers really know how to fight your New York red light ticket.

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