NYC Stop Sign Ticket

Surely everyone, at one time or another, has rolled through a stop sign. It happens to the best of us.

But if you are driving in New York City and you do not come to a complete stop at a stop sign, you could get an NYC stop sign ticket, the results to which could lead to other problems. So, if you get this kind of moving violation, it is in your best interest to call an NYC stop sign ticket attorney to avoid any further stress, anxiety, or fear.

How Much Is The Fine For Getting A Stop Sign Ticket In New York City?

In New York City (all 5 boroughs), most traffic tickets for moving violations are resolved at the Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB). Violators can plead “guilty” to the ticket and pay any fines, fees, or surcharges via an online service implemented by the Department of Motor Vehicles. If a driver wants to plead “not guilty,” can also do so online, by mail or in person (we strongly recommend to do so online). If you plead not guilty, the TVB will schedule a hearing in the borough where the stop sign ticket was issued.

A hearing may be re-scheduled once online (as long as you do it 24 hours or more beforehand). If a motorist does not answer his or her stop sign ticket in NYC ticket, his or her driver license or privilege will eventually be suspended and a default conviction entered for the maximum fine.

A NYC stop sign ticket which goes un-answered can lead to an individual driving on a suspended license, which is a crime in New York and may result in hefty fines (or much worse).

How Many Points Count On My License For A Stop Sign Ticket In New York City?

If convicted of disobeying a NYC stop sign ticket, the driver will be assessed 3 points on their driving record. The Driver Violation Point System in New York State is in place to identify and take action against high-risk drivers. Points go on a driver’s record for specific traffic violations. If a driver in New York gets 11 or more points in an 18-month period (even an out-of-state driver), that motorist may face suspension of his or her driver license.

  • With a conviction of a stop sign ticket NYC, 3 points appear on your driving record.
  • The total point calculation on your record begins on the date of the violation you incurred, not the time of your conviction.
  • The 3 points from your NYC stop sign ticket and any points from other violations added during the last 18 months are totaled to calculate your point total.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me Defend Against a Stop Sign Ticket in NYC?

Even if you receive a Disobey Stop Sign Ticket in NYC, there are methods that a NYC Stop Sign ticket attorney can use to assist you in possibly avoiding these penalties. Well-trained and experienced NYC traffic violations lawyers have defense strategies which they can use. Our team has beaten stop sign tickets in the past (although we cannot guarantee success for you) and always tries its best.

Here at Weiss & Associates, PC, New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer, Matthew J. Weiss, and his associates have used defense strategies. Here are a few arguments which may be relevant to your case:

  • The automobile operator was unable to see the sign clearly, or it was not clearly marked.
  • The officer issuing the ticket did not see the motorist clearly.
  • The driver, using a quick adjustment, had to break the stop sign to avoid being hit by an oncoming vehicle to the rear of his or her car.

Naturally, all cases are different and some defenses are stronger than others, but, as we like to say at Weiss and Associates, PC, you have little to lose by “going down swinging.”

Is Fighting an NYC Stop Sign Ticket Important?

Our team of NYC Stop Sign Ticket Lawyers want you to know that fighting any NYC traffic ticket is your right. If you are successful in beating a moving violation, it can be beneficial in several ways. One very relevant reason is to keep your driving record clean of points, fines, and surcharges. Another is working to ensure your insurance rates do not increase. The most significant reason to avoid a suspension for too many points.

Although every case is different, we fight over 6,000 traffic tickets per year, and we understand how the unique TVB system works. We make no guarantees concerning the outcome of your case, but our knowledge allows us to put forth the best defense forward.

How Can The Weiss & Associates Lawyers Help Me With My Stop Sign Ticket?

Arguing a case in traffic court may sound easy and lacking in complexity, but we know that it sometimes is not. We want to keep the process as simple as possible. We have learned how to walk our clients through these cases with patience, accessible language, commitment, and quick response whenever they need our services. And we will do the same for you.

Our practice is grounded in years of experience, breaking things down to be readily understandable, candidness, accessibility and integrity. We have years of experience having fought NYC traffic tickets since 1991.

Contact us today for help with your NYC Stop Sign Violation. Our flat fee means you will have no surprises, except perhaps, getting a dismissal of your case.

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