Out-Of-State Driver With New York A Traffic Ticket

What Happens When You Get A New York Traffic Ticket with an Out Of State Driver’s License?

Anytime a driver gets a New York traffic ticket; things can get complicated especially if it is an out-of-state driver, but we are here to help you through the process.  Those motorists may need some professional assistance. Too often, drivers who receive out-of-state speeding tickets or other moving violations do not contest the charge. Maybe these visitors think doing so would be a tremendous hassle. Some drivers may believe that points will not transfer onto their out-of-state license. Many times, these conclusions are incorrect, and an experienced and knowledgeable New York ticket lawyer can often help in several ways.

Do Out-of-State Tickets Go On A NY Driving Record?

An out-of-state driver who is convicted of a New York speeding ticket or other New York moving violation will always receive points on his or her New York driving record.  What happens is that New York State creates an ID number for that out-of-state driver and, then, adds the convictions and points to that record.  An out-of-state driver who accumulates too many points can be suspended (just like a NY driver) in New York.  That suspension will often be honored in other states (including that driver’s home state) after a bureaucratic delay for the suspension to be reported and acted upon.

Further, some states will honor out-of-state convictions and, as a result, add points to the driver’s license in the home state.  Other states do not honor out-of-state convictions.  And yet others will assign points but not as many as assessed in New York.

Out-of-State Speeding Ticket Questions and Answers

Q: What procedures occur when a person gets an out-of-state ticket?

A: We tell our clients that the first thing to do is to decide whether they should fight the out-of-state speeding ticket or other traffic tickets. If you hire an attorney to fight the New York traffic ticket, you will reduce the stress and time that it takes for you to address it including avoiding the need to personally appear in court. If you plead guilty without representation, you may have to pay a fine and your insurance rates could increase significantly. 

Q: How will my home state know about my New York traffic ticket?

A: Forty-five US states have entered into the Driver’s License Compact that allows driving information to transfer quickly from one state to another. The Department of Motor Vehicle, as well as your vehicle insurance carrier, are advised of an out-of-state traffic ticket conviction.  Weiss & Associates, PC has a unique database of laws from each state setting forth the interplay between New York and each of the 49 other states.

Q: If I accrue 11 points for New York speeding tickets out-of-state, will I have my license suspended in my home state, as well?

A: Yes, you will usually be suspended in New York for accumulating 11 points and that suspension will often be honored by your home state.

The speeding point system in New York includes these five levels:

1-10 mph over the speed limit – 3 points

11-20 mph over the speed limit – 4 points

21-30 mph over the speed limit – 6 points

31-40 mph over the speed limit – 8 points

41+ mph over the speed limit – 11 points

Once a driver accumulates 11 points, the driver’s license or privilege to drive in New York with an out-of-state license is often suspended.

Q: What happens if stopped for driving 21-30 mph over the speed limit and getting a New York speeding ticket out of state?

A: A New York conviction for a 21+ mph speeding ticket also requires the driver to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRAF) to the state. The DRAF is $300 for six points and $75 for every point above six.

Q: Can out-of-state drivers reduce points on their records by taking a New York Driver Safety Class?

A: New York State allows motorists to complete traffic school to deduct up to four points from their New York driving record.  Out-of-state drivers who want to get credit for a New York’s Driver Safety Class should first obtain their 9-digit, New York ID number from DMV so that they get the credit.

What Should An Out-Of-State Driver Do If He Or She Receives A New York Speeding Ticket

Five things to do if an out-of-state driver receives a speeding ticket or other traffic tickets in New York are:

1. Know the law. If you decide to plead guilty to a speeding violation in New York, repercussions are lengthy and cumbersome.  There can be hidden penalties associated with a New York traffic ticket, such as:

  • The cost of the fine
  • An $80 to $85 surcharge
  • An increase in your insurance premium
  • Three speeding tickets within 18 months result in automatic suspension of your New York driving privileges (which suspension is often honored by other states)
  • Eleven points in 18 months can result in the suspension of your New York license

2. Find an experienced New York traffic ticket attorney. At Weiss & Associates, PC, we can take on the responsibility to fight your New York traffic ticket. We are familiar with the interplay between New York and all other states. In fact, Matthew Weiss has done extensive research to know the precise details among New York and all other US states.  We are also familiar with the interplay between New York and all Canadian provinces.  Our reasonable flat fee and responsive service will ease your stress. 

3. Contact Weiss & Associates, PC now. Battling a New York traffic ticket out of state should not have to involve your appearance in court. We can go for you.  We are honest with your prospects (even if they are not good) and provide superb communication.

4. Ensure that your attorney is honest about your prospects. Weiss & Associates, PC will keep you informed along the way and will appear in court for you. If they say it, consider it done. Even if your prospects for success are low, we are honest about them and advise you as such.

5. If you are facing an out-of-state speeding ticket or other traffic tickets in New York, listen to your New York traffic ticket lawyer.  He or she:

  • Knows New York law
  • Understands the New York point system for speeding and other traffic tickets
  • Has plenty of experience with the judges and police departments in the state
  • Is up-to-date on all vehicle and traffic laws
  • May be able to save your money and avoid an insurance hike
  • May reduce or avoid the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee

Weiss & Associates, PC, New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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