Our goal is to make fighting your case as easy and simple as possible. This goal includes helping you make a decision about retaining us. We are therefore one of the only (if not the only) New York law firm to share our past success rates to help your decision-making process.

Please note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Further, we define “success” as obtaining a dismissal, a not guilty determination or a reduction of the original charge. Only guilty determinations are considered not a “success”.

Note: In TVB courts, no plea bargains or deals are made. Rather, each case that is contested in these courts are resolved by trial. The above figures includes speeding and non-speeding. Our success rates for speeding cases only at the TVB courts are much lower.

*We usually do not recommend hiring us for a Richmond TVB case because it is extremely hard to obtain a successful result. However, if you are charged with a high speed (8 or 11 points) or have points on your license already, please call us to discuss how to handle your case at this court and hopefully avoid a suspension.