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New York CDL Traffic Ticket Attorneys: Weiss & Associates, PA

Our New York truck ticket lawyers defend many companies and truck drivers from truck tickets such as over-weight, over-length, unsecured load and safety equipment violations. Some truck tickets are criminal misdemeanors, carry high fines and/or adversely affect a CDL license. Some violations are considered “out of service” meaning the truck can take your truck off the road. Given these possible consequences, it is, therefore, important that you have a knowledgeable truck ticket lawyer on your side when fighting such tickets.

What Is Considered A CDL Ticket In New York?

Trucks are often pulled over because they display signs of being overweight. Those include having a load above the “water line”, billowing black smoke, bulging tires and the cab straining or leaning backward. Other times a truck will be pulled over as part of a routine truck stop. Often these stops are down legally but not always. An illegal stop is a strong defense to any New York truck ticket or New York City truck ticket.

In New York, most truck tickets are answerable in criminal court but some are returnable at the dreaded Traffic Violations Bureau. Either way, our New York truck lawyer, and New York City truck ticket lawyer can appear for you and fight your NY truck ticket.

There are many types of truck tickets. Most, however, involve the truck’s weight and dimensions, its safety equipment and whether the driver had appropriate paperwork. Generally, truck tickets are quite serious. In fact, many are criminal charges such as failure to display HUT, FUT, MVT and/or IFTA stickers, driving with faulty brakes, steering or coupling devices, and failure to obtain environmental or safety inspections.

Why Should I Fight For A CDL Ticket Dismissal in New York?

Often our NY truck ticket attorney and NYC truck ticket attorney can get a case dismissed. For instance, a dismissal is likely for a broken equipment ticket that has been repaired when valid proof of repair exists. Similarly, a New York City Tax Stamp ticket can often be “remedied” by paying the NYC Department of Finance the tax stamp fee (even after-the-fact). Other New York truck tickets that can sometimes be dismissed are no lettering on the side of the truck, missing fire extinguisher, and broken mud flaps.

Other truck tickets involve being overweight. While a truck ticket for being over the registered weight is a relatively low fine (i.e., around $400), other overweight tickets (ex. overweight on one axle, overweight on tandem axles, overweight 3 or more axles) can involve fines up in the range of $1,000 to $7,000 per NY truck ticket.

Despite the potential high fines, we certainly do not recommend “burying your head in the sand”. If you fail to answer a truck ticket, the court will render a default judgment against the company or individual to whom the truck ticket was issued. The default judgment fine is often in the $1,000s and far exceeds the traffic ticket costs and fine that would likely have been imposed had the case been timely answered.

If you have defaulted on your NY truck ticket or New York City truck ticket, a truck ticket lawyer tries to set aside the default judgment. However, such an attempt should be made promptly after the entry of the default and should be accompanied by a reasonable excuse. Clearly, it is always better to answer your truck ticket than ignoring it.

Some New York City truck ticket cases are resolved at the Traffic Violations Bureau where, unfortunately, they do not plea bargain cases. In our opinion, it is also often worth fighting any such New York City truck ticket.

When you plead not guilty to a New York City truck ticket at the Traffic Violations Bureau, you or your New York City truck ticket lawyer will be scheduled with a hearing date. On that date, when you or your New York City truck ticket lawyer either win or lose your NYC truck ticket case, there is no room for settling it for something less serious. Even for an experienced New York City truck ticket lawyer, it is hard to win any NY truck ticket and particularly even harder to beat a New York City truck ticket at the Traffic Violations Bureau. This is true even for an experienced New York City truck ticket lawyer.

What Makes Weiss & Associates’ Team Of Truck Ticket Attorneys Special?

At Weiss & Associates, PC, we are familiar with which tactics and strategies are worth pursuing to maximize our truck company client’s chances of winning. Further, you do not incur any extra court fees or court charges when you fight your case, so many truck companies decide to “go down swinging”.

If you are fortunate enough that your New York City truck ticket is returnable in a criminal court (rather than a Traffic Violations Bureau court), then there is a possibility of working out a plea bargain. However, in any NYC criminal proceeding, a corporation MUST be represented by a truck ticket lawyer. Therefore, truck company managers and employees are wasting their time appearing to fight a New York truck ticket.  Even corporate officers are not allowed to answer a New York City truck ticket.  Don’t bother. Your NYC truck violation case will only be given a new date to return with an NYC truck ticket lawyer.  Do not let drivers and other workers kill a day in court (that’s what our truck ticket lawyers do for you).

New York truck tickets given outside New York City and Rochester are resolved in local traffic courts. Fortunately, in these courts, they DO plea bargain NY truck ticket lawyers (some will even plea bargain with the owner or operator). Often NY truck ticket lawyers fighting a New York truck ticket can negotiate their client’s case down to a less serious New York truck ticket (or even sometimes a non-truck ticket). You or your New York truck ticket lawyer’s ability to negotiate a New York truck ticket down depends whether you have a prior New York truck ticket or New York City truck ticket on your record and a few other variables.

Should your New York State truck ticket or your New York City truck ticket need to go to court, a New York City truck ticket lawyer will vigorously defend you anywhere in the New York State, including at the New York City Traffic Violations Bureau.

Let a New York truck ticket lawyer save you time and appear in court on your behalf and make the whole experience as easy as possible. Our flat truck ticket fee means no surprises for you and our experienced team of New York truck ticket lawyers really know how to fight either your New York State truck ticket or New York City truck ticket.

Weiss & Associates, PC’s truck ticket lawyers aggressively defend our truck driver and truck company clients from any type of truck ticket and often are able to obtain reductions and dismissals of the original charges saving our clients substantial monies.

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