Driving With A Suspended License In NYC

A suspended license can often be fixed quickly. Our suspended license lawyers make lifting suspensions and fighting aggravated unlicensed charges as simple as possible. Our staff has successfully worked on all types of NY driver’s license suspensions and have cleared 1,000s of New York suspensions. Sometimes we can even clear up a suspension in just minutes. We are always happy to patiently explain how we can get your license privileges restored.

Penalty For Driving With A Suspended License In NYC?

Avoiding a New York suspension is important because it keeps you on the road and helps you maintain reasonably-priced insurance rates. Just one suspension on your record (of ANY type) can result in your insurance rates being hiked for 36 months.

All 49 states will honor a New York suspension making it illegal for you to drive in any State when you have one (or more) New York suspensions. While there may be a lag between the time of the NY suspension is imposed and the time that the DMV in your state of license honors it, your host state will usually catch up. Once the NY suspension is honored in another state, then you have two suspensions to clear with the help of a suspended license attorney.

There are many different reasons why a driver’s license may be suspended. The most common types are: failing to answer a traffic ticket, failing to pay a fine, and failing to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. These occur obviously when you ignore your NY traffic ticket or fail to pay what is owed on it. These suspensions are often imposed after your actual deadline to answer or pay so, even after the deadline, moving quickly can often avoid a suspension actually being imposed.

What Can I Do To Fight a Suspended License Case In New York?

Moving quickly to address an unanswered or unpaid NY traffic ticket is important because you often can avoid a suspension even after the deadline to answer or pay has passed. This “extra” time is due to bureaucratic lag in processing a suspension request with DMV after the deadline.

You should remove any suspensions from your license because it is illegal in New York to drive with even one suspension. If you are caught driving with a suspended New York driver’s license (or suspended the privilege to drive for out-of-state driver’s), you have committed a crime in New York. When a person drives in New York when (1) he or she knows, or (2) should know that his or license has just one suspension in place it is a B Misdemeanor called Aggravated Un-Licensed.

For motorists caught driving with three or more suspensions occurring on three different dates, the aggravated unlicensed charge is elevated to an A Misdemeanor (which has more serious potential consequences than a B Misdemeanor). Finally, motorists caught driving with ten or more suspensions occurring on ten different dates are guilty of an aggravated unlicensed charge that is elevated to a felony.

If you are charged with Aggravated Unlicensed of any type, you almost always will have to clear the underlying suspension(s) before the Aggravated Unlicensed case will be resolved by the criminal court. Let a traffic ticket lawyer for suspended licenses help you quickly and easily clean up your record. You should also consult with, if not retain, a NY traffic ticket lawyer to help you address the criminal charge. It is common for such matters to get reduced to a non-criminal case as part of a plea bargain.

A common suspension that we see that surprises many motorists is one for failing to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. This fee is due whenever a motorist accumulates 6+ points in New York. Even an out-of-state driver (with 6+ NY points) must pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. The fee is $300 for six points and $75 for every point accumulated within 18 months above six.

Many motorists do not know about this fee (although it has been around since 1994) and think that they are in the clear after paying a fine and surcharge. However, when they get a bill 30 days after their NY traffic ticket is resolved, they sometimes ignore thinking that they already paid the fine and surcharge for the ticket. However, this is a separate fee that is due beyond the fine and surcharge (I know, you are thinking that this is unfair and it is). Stated differently, the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee must be paid, when due, in addition to the fine and surcharge paid to the court.

Finally, even if you do lift a suspension by responding to an unanswered ticket or paying a fine you owe, you still must pay a suspension termination fee in order to be able to legally drive again. For each suspension, a suspension termination fee must be paid.

What Makes Weiss & Associates’ Team Of License Suspension Attorneys Special?

When one of our suspended license lawyers handles your case, he or she will make sure your license is valid again and that you are legal to drive.

Contact our suspended license attorney for help lifting any New York suspension quickly and easily, and to fight an Aggravated Unlicensed charge.