Improper Turn Ticket NYC Lawyer

What Is An Improper Turn Ticket In NYC? 

Those blue lights in the rearview usually mean only one thing, a traffic violation citation is in your future. Sometimes, it’s tough to even understand what you did wrong. Receiving an Improper Turning ticket is very likely one of those times. Hiring an experienced NY traffic ticket attorney when you get an Improper Turning ticket is always a good idea, and here’s why. 

How Do You Defend Against An Improper Turn NYC Fine?

The first step is knowing exactly what is considered Improper Turning in New York, and how New York traffic ticket points work.

Why do you get an Improper Turning ticket?

There are several instances when you may be issued an Improper turning ticket, including:

  • Making a left turn from or to a one-way street from the wrong position.
  • Making a left turn from and to a two-way street from the wrong position.
  • Making a right-hand turn from the wrong position

How Many Points Are Given For An Improper Turn?

In New York, regardless of the type of improper turn, these tickets carry 2 points. These 2 points will be combined with any other points on your record within 18 months of the date of offense, such as from speeding or illegally using an electronic device. Your driver’s license can be suspended if you get 11 or more points.

What Are The Penalties for An Improper Turning Ticket?

Traffic ticket fines and penalties in New York are fairly straightforward and based on traffic ticket points. The more NY traffic points you have, the more your improper turning points are going to matter. Here is a breakdown of the possible penalties for improper Turning in NYC. Drivers can get more than one violation in a traffic stop, and each violation can have different penalties.

What Are The Fines For An Improper Turning Ticket?

In New York, fines are determined by a judge who can direct that the minimum, maximum or some amount in between be assessed.  Factors include the motorist’s past driving record, prior convictions for the same offense, and whether the motorist was driving on a suspended or revoked license.  There is always a fine of roughly $80 or more, an $88 surcharge and (for those with 4 or more points), a $300+ Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee.

Do My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Get An Improper Turning Ticket?

Many times, traffic ticket convictions can cause your automobile insurance to go up.  A conviction to any two tickets, including an improper turning ticket, can make your insurance rates jump.

Will I Have To Take The New York Driver Responsibility Assessment If I Get An Improper Turning Ticket?

In New York, a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee kicks in when a motorist accumulates 6+ points.  These surcharges start at $300 for 6 points and increase by $75 for every point above 6. 

Can I Be Charged For Reckless Driving If I Commit An Improper Turn?

If your Improper Turning ticket is combined with Reckless Driving, the penalties are more severe. Reckless Driving is a misdemeanor and, therefore, can give you a criminal record if you are convicted.  It can also increase your insurance premiums significantly. Fines can run up to $300. Your driving privileges could also be suspended. 

Can My License Be Suspended Or Revoked For Committing An Improper Turn?

If your Improper Turning ticket put you over 11 points, you could have your New York driver’s license suspended. When your license is suspended, it is taken away for a specific time period and then reinstated upon payment of a suspension termination fee. When your license is revoked, drivers have to meet very strict requirements to get their licenses back, and they may not get it back at all. 

Is An Improper Turning Ticket Worth Fighting?

The answer is yes, an Improper Turning ticket is worth fighting. This is because admitting guilt could have several consequences, including having to pay a fine, surcharge and possibly a Drivers Responsibility Assessment Fee.  A conviction will taint your driving record for up to 3 years and carries 2 points.  Finally, an Improper Turning ticket coupled with a conviction to any other moving violation within 18 months of each other could result in your insurance rates being increased.

Traffic ticket lawyers with experience in the New York traffic laws will know all your options. There is no reason to try to fight an improper Turning ticket on your own. A lawyer on your side will help you:

  1. Understand the traffic law and Improper Turning tickets.
  2. File your paperwork properly.
  3. Gather the right evidence that you may need for your case.
  4. Possibly save money in fines.
  5. Possibly get your ticket penalties reduced or dismissed.
  6. Possibly save monies.

If you’ve been issued a ticket for a traffic violation, don’t just take it and let it affect your driving record. You need the help of an experienced attorney. The experts at Weiss & Associates, PC will defend any traffic ticket issued anywhere in New York. If you have a moving violation to deal with, professional legal counsel is always a good idea. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced professionals today.