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We can help you with any vehicle and traffic law matter in New York State / NYC (including traffic tickets, truck tickets, DWIs, suspensions, and automobile accidents). No matter what service, our goal is always to make your legal problem easy and simple.

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What Are The Benefits of Fighting A New York Traffic Ticket?

By fighting your ticket with a local NYC traffic lawyer, you hopefully can save points, minimize fines and other fees, avoid a suspension or revocation and keep your automobile insurance rates from rising.

Does Weiss & Associates Give Free Consultation on New York Traffic Tickets?

A representative from our local NYC office will analyze your ticket for no charge. He or she will explain to you what we can do for you, how long it will take, what it will cost, and answer any other questions you may have. Just fax the front of the ticket(s) with your telephone number to 212-726-0135, and it is our pleasure to call you. Or just call 212-683-7373.

What Areas Does Weiss & Associates Cover In New York?

From the Hamptons to Buffalo to anywhere in between, we handle any type of traffic or truck ticket. Since 1991 we have defended motorists and truck drivers from all types of traffic tickets issued throughout New York State.

Do I Need To Do Anything Once I Hire A Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Most of our clients do not want to kill half a day traveling to and attending traffic court. We take over that responsibility so you do not miss valuable time from work, home, or play.

What Fees Does Weiss & Associates Charge?

You will pay one flat fee for our representation and we will handle everything. From the entry of a plea, rescheduling your case, conducting the trial or conference and, if necessary, delivering your fine payment. You’ll have an experienced New York traffic attorney on your side and never get a bill for “extras”.

NY Traffic Tickets We Successfully Defend

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fighting traffic tickets, but if you have an experienced attorney, they will know exactly what to do to fight for your rights. At Weiss & Associates, PC, we have successfully defended thousands of tickets in all areas involving traffic laws. The reason why you always want to fight these tickets are many:  

Traffic Violations in New York

Every time you get a traffic ticket in NY, you get points assessed against your driving record. These can vary between two to 11 for each ticket, and your license may be suspended if you have 11+ points. Your insurance premium could also increase. Adding insult to injury, you would also have to pay related fees — which often add up to substantial amounts. 

Speeding Tickets

When you get a speeding ticket in New York, the points assessed against your driver’s license will depend on how fast over the speed limit the ticket alleges you were going. This can range between three and 11 points, and your license may get suspended. Your car insurance premium may also increase. And if you were going too fast or tailgating, it may constitute reckless driving, which is a criminal offense. 

Truck Tickets

There are many reasons trucks get pulled over in NY — from carrying overweight loads, parking at an angle, or not having the appropriate lettering on the side of the vehicle, to name a few. Some of the tickets involve high fines, and in some cases, are considered to be misdemeanors. Fighting truck tickets can help you avoid putting your commercial driver’s license in jeopardy. 

Driver’s License Suspensions

Suspensions can have a significant impact on your life, as it takes away your right to drive your car for the period of the suspension. This means not being able to go to work, take your kids to school, or run errands. In addition, every state in the country will honor a NY suspension, so you would not be able to drive anywhere. Insurance rates can also go up once your license is reinstated.  

Reckless Driving Tickets

Reckless driving takes things up a notch since they are considered to be a misdemeanor — which means you would face criminal charges. In addition to having to deal with such an ordeal, you would also have to pay significant fines, and have five points assessed against your driving record. While more serious, you could enter into a plea bargain to negotiate the outcome and avoid having a crime on your record. 

Red Lights Tickets

Running a red light in New York can result in having three points assessed against your driving record. And you do not have to run a red light to get a ticket. If you pass a crosswalk, a marked stop line, or otherwise slightly overstepping your side of the intersection, you may get a ticket. Penalties include fines that could cost hundreds of dollars, in addition to surcharges. 

Traffic Control Device Tickets

A traffic control device is any sign, signals, markings, or devices placed on NY roadways to regulate and/or guide traffic. Getting a ticket for violating any of them involves two points being assessed against your driving record. The fine could also be significant, and you could also face additional assessment fees. And, if you have previous traffic tickets, this would push you closer to getting your driver’s license suspended. 

Obstructing Intersections Violations

This is also known as gridlocking. This is what happens when you cross an intersection, but there is so much traffic past the stoplight, that you do not have enough room for your entire vehicle, and a portion of it is blocking the intersection. The minimum fine for this violation is $115 — and that does not take into account the additional related fines that are typical of New York traffic tickets. 

NY Driver Responsibility Assessment

One of the biggest pain points for a person getting a traffic ticket in New York City is that, in addition to the actual ticket, you may also have to pay an additional penalty known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment. It applies for certain traffic offenses, or if you have accumulated six or more points on your record within 18 months. 

Stop Sign Tickets

The amount of a fine for running a stop sign in New York can vary depending on whether it is your first offense or whether you have had previous tickets in the past 18 months. The range can be anywhere between $150 and $450. This applies even if you actually slowed down substantially, but failed to come to a full stop. In addition, you are exposed to points being assessed against your driving record. 

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Tickets

It is illegal to use a phone while driving — even while stopped at a light or in heavy traffic. The only exception is to call 911 or other emergency services. The amount of the fines will vary depending on whether it is your first offense or you have had other tickets in the past 18 months. They can range between $50 and $400 and include additional surcharges. You may also face a license suspension

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Violations

Leaving the scene of an accident in New York is a crime. If a person was injured, it is considered a misdemeanor and you could face up to one year in jail. If a person dies, it is considered a felony, and you are exposed to up to seven years in prison. You would also face hefty fines that vary depending on whether there was only property damage and/or personal injuries. 

New York’s Move Over Law Tickets Can Be Expensive

The Move Over law establishes that drivers need to be extra careful when approaching an emergency vehicle or a car with its hazard lights on. Specifically, you must slow down and move a lane away from the emergency vehicle. Failing to comply exposes you to fines that can range from $150 to $450, depending on how many tickets are on your record. Your auto insurance may also increase. 

Improper Turn Tickets

Traffic tickets for making an improper turn in New York result in two points being assessed against your driving record. You also have to pay significant fines that will vary depending on whether you have had previous traffic violations in the past 18 months, plus an $88 surcharge, and possibly a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee. If the turn is combined with another ticket (such as speeding or reckless driving), the penalties are more severe. 

Failure to Yield 

Except when directed by a police officer to do otherwise, failing to yield to the right of way to any vehicle that has entered an intersection from another highway — or to any pedestrian who is legally crossing the street — may result in three points against your driving record, and significant fines that could be up to $750. If you have previous tickets, you may also have to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee. 


Tailgating tickets are issued when a police officer does not believe that you were leaving a reasonably prudent distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. What can make this confusing is that there is no required specific distance. Yet, the penalties include four points against your driving record and hefty fines that can increase if you have received previous tickets in the past 18 months. 

Motorcycle Tickets

In addition to regular traffic tickets, motorcyclists in New York may get fined for failing to wear a helmet that meets the requirements established in section 571.218 of the federal motor vehicle safety standards. You can also get a ticket for lane splitting, failing to turn on your headlights, or not having eye protection and footrests. Fines and points will vary depending on the ticket and your driving record. 

Out-of-State Drivers with a NY Ticket

If you are an out-of-state driver who gets a ticket in New York, the information will be transferred to your jurisdiction, and points assessed against your driving record in New York may also be assessed in your home state. This exposes you to the same consequences as New York drivers — including hefty fines and increases in your car insurance premium.

Failure to Pay or Lost Traffic Ticket 

If you fail to pay a traffic ticket (whether because you forgot or lost it), your driver’s license will be suspended. You will also have to pay significant fines that will be added to the original ticket amount. And if you drive with a suspended license, you can add even more fines — and possible jail time — to the penalties.  

Contact Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorneys in NYC

As you can see, traffic tickets in New York can result in serious consequences. This is why it is crucial to talk with an experienced traffic ticket attorney about how to move forward. At Weiss & Associates, PC, we always provide a free initial consultation and reasonable fees to represent you at traffic ticket hearings in New York City. You can also reach us by phone at (212) 683-7373.