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Our high volume practice affords us the opportunity to work with many clients and make their traffic ticket problems more manageable. Below is feedback from just a small sampling of our 1,000s of passionate fans:

Matt Weiss — The Cleaner
Dear fellow speed demons…
I can not believe it but it is true…While cruising at a modest…..96 Miles Per Hour, I was pulled over by an angry Suffolk county police officer -who refused to accept the typical excuses that I was pregnant, I was off to see the President of the United States, or that I was on a secret spy mission….Basically he stated to me I was done for….there is no negotiation in the Suffolk county court system…you are guilty that is it. The only thought that came to mind as he was about to put the handcuffs on me was I gotta call that legendary lawyer, Matthew Weiss. The police officer started to shake & tremble…he said who?
I said Matt Weiss, the speeding ticket killer….also known as the Cleaner…you probably heard of him…The officer started to pee in pants…just shaking by the mention of that special name, over & over again. Matt Weiss Matt Weiss Matt Weiss Matt Weiss Matt Weiss Matt Weiss Matt Weiss…..he fainted. I said, Officer…wake up! Give me one phone call and you will be a school crossing guard in 24 hours….I do not know, or care to know how he does what he does, or who he sleeps with to pull off these mysterious not guilty verdicts, but he has successfully won yet another case! Fully Dismissed! The officer was recently seen at a local elementary school, assisting the kids cross the streets…This was a very important case for Matt….because it was mine ! 🙂 96 in a 55, not a problem… just call Matt’s firm.


Bradford Rand
President / CEO
RAND International
Luxury Lifestyle Expositions
(Suffolk/Hauppauge TVB 11-point speed dismissed 12/1/06)

I love when Matt says, IT IS NO BIG DEAL… He really means it
Next time when Matt calls me and says, Fran… IT”S NO BIG DEAL… I will really believe him!
Matt has done it again…. My 18 year son, yes, I really do have an 18 year old son… mistakenly made a left turn on to a street which he should not have. Although he was NOT speeding, he got nailed! That officer was pissed and threw everything at him. My son was shaken. He got a ticket and was still within the 6 months of receiving his license. What a scare! A possible revoked license. Matt to the rescue…. Poof … he reduced the ticket which could have been points and a possible suspension, to a mere parking ticket…. 75 bucks….I love when Matt says, IT IS NO BIG DEAL… He really means it!

Thanks Matt…
Fran Biderman-Gross
(Long Beach 2-point Disobey Sign Reduced to a 0-point ticket 3/2/07)

Quick response even after the case was over!
In June of 2007 I had received a very bad speeding ticket for 101 MPH on Route 135 in Nassau County, NY. I hired an attorney through the legal plan at my job as I was facing a possible license suspension (not to mention fines, insurance increases, etc.). I was eager to develop a strategy but found that I was doing most of the leg work, rather than my counsel. When I expressed concerns about the possible loss of my license, the attorney incorrectly stated that NYS had a 14 point system (when in fact it is 11). After checking the DMV website he said “Oh, you’re right!”. At that point, I knew it was time to get a professional.

I did a Google search and found nytrafficticket.com noting that they deal primarily in traffic tickets. I called and spoke with the owner Matthew Weiss. Despite the fact that I had not yet retained him, he informed me that no matter what, I should take the defensive driving course as that likely would prevent loss of my license should I get the full conviction (my original attorney neglected to mention that). I did just that and hired the firm to defend me. I was extremely pleased upon our initial meeting where I found Matthew to be very energetic, extremely friendly, and thorough in the review of my ticket (where he noted several errors).

When the court date arrived he was able to reduce the ticket to a much lower offense which, coupled with the defensive driving course, only resulted in 2 points on my license rather than the 11 points and license revocation I was facing.

I had some follow up questions several months after the court date and Matthew responded almost immediately to my inquires despite the fact that he had already received payment for the initial transaction and my case was over.

It is not often you are 100% satisfied with someone’s services, but this is one of those cases. I would highly recommend calling 1-888-RED-LIGHT and draw your own conclusion.
Sean Porter
(Nassau County 11-point speeding ticket reduced to a 6-point speeding ticket 11/26/07)

A modest charge for great service!
FANTASTIC! That’s the word I use to describe the services at Weiss & Associates.

Your attorneys handled two cases for me resulting in dismissals. My latest case would have cost me well over $1,000.00 in fines, surcharges, car insurance, and traffic school. The fee that your office charged, makes me feel almost “GUILTY” for getting such great service for relatively little money.

Thanks again for a job well done. Kudos to your front office staff for always being so helpful and responsive; you guys take away the worries and hassles that come with traffic tickets and the courts. It’s a good thing to know, Weiss & Associates are there when you need them.
Robert from Long Island

Great results and a professional staff
Hi Matt,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help regarding my speeding ticket, I was quite pleased with the end result. I also wanted to let you know that Mayra and Giselle were incredibly professional as well as responsive. Overall it was a pure delight dealing with your firm, I will gladly recommend your firm to anyone in need of a wonderful traffic attorney. Thank you,
(Greenburgh 6-point speed reduced to a 0-point parking ticket)

Matt is the guy to call for anything dealing with your driver license!
Well it finally happened. There was a ticket I could not fix, oops, influence, oops ! Of course that is only a joke. Those things don’t happen.

Let me start again.

A friend of mine called for some advice on a ticket that he got that, of course, he didn’t deserve. Realizing the complexity of his situation and what the addition of additional points on his license would do to his insurance, I sent him straight to my friend, Matt Weiss.

Matt runs a very customer service-oriented business—he fights all kinds of traffic tickets and he does it better than anyone I know. My traffic violating friend had his day in court and left smiling J with no additional points on his record. I think the Highway Patrol cop is still scratching his head as to what happened.

Bottom line. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, please call Matt Weiss directly at 212-683-7373 x12. His website is www.nytrafficticket.com.

As my grandmother used to say about doctors and lawyers, “you should never need them.”

But we all do and Matt is the guy to call for anything dealing with your driver license.

All the best.
Joel From New York City

Exceptionally professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with!
I am so eternally grateful for the assistance that your company provided in handling my case.
I stumbled upon your company via the internet while searching for someone to accept my case. At first I was a bit hesitant to make the call because I now reside in Florida and the traffic violations had occurred in New York. Upon speaking with one of your legal assistants by the name of Giselle Dragon I was totally convinced that I had made the right choice. Giselle who turned out to be nothing but a blessing was exceptionally professional, courteous and such a pleasure to work with. She made it her business to go far beyond what was expected to help expedite my matter which was very time sensitive. She constantly kept me informed with any updates and provided answers to all my concerns. I have nothing but good things to say about both Giselle and your company. I would highly recommend you guys to anyone.
Thank you so much for all the good work.

Ralph M
(Speeding ticket dismissed)

Fines and points reduced for my son!
My son hired Matt to defend against 2 alleged speeding violations. In both cases, Matt’s team was successful in getting the fines and points reduced. Would certainly use his services again in the event I give my son back the keys.
Morris S (NYC)

Available the 11th hour before a holiday weekend!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Rosemarie for your assistance.

We called you at the 11th hour before a holiday weekend and you both made the situation less stressful for us with your professional and courteous manner.

We will certainly refer you to those we know who may be in need of your services.

Thank you again,
Ramona Casanova
Bonded Services
Fort Lee, NJ

An amazing job!
You did an amazing job helping me with those traffic tix Matt. Very well done. Thank you my friend.
Dr. Michael R.

A huge, huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders!
I mean it when I say this: You Are ‘THE BEST’!

Please give your team the biggest ‘SHOUT OUT’ for me, as you guys fell nothing short of Magnificent. I will surely promote Weiss & Associates services to any & all of my family & friends.

A huge, huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. And thanks to you guys, it feels ‘Damn’ good! (sorry, i had to say that word, hahaha!)

Thank you,
Bruce J.

What a relief!
Thanks very much for taking care of my speeding ticket. What a relief and very painless.
Richard H.

If I ever get another ticket…
You guys did a great job and, if I ever get another ticket, you will handle it.
Joseph D. (NYC)

Extremely knowledgeable and took their time to make sure I understood everything
I would like to personally thank you for handling my Traffic Ticket. It has been a pleasure working with you. Your Team is a pleasure to speak to. Giselle and Jennifer are fantastic. When I called to ask them a question, they were extremely knowledgeable and took their time to make sure I understood everything.
Aaron F (Florida)

Full marks to the entire staff!
WEISS & ASSOCIATES have done extremely well in providing us with prompt & efficient services over the years; we are pleased with the way you conduct your business and FULL MARKS to the ENTIRE staff.
Kris C.

Granny gets a speeding ticket — Case solved!

I just wanted to thank you so much for doing a heck of a job for my mom. She got off with 0 points for parking on a highway, instead of 6 points for speeding in a school zone. She specifically complimented Jennifer Singh-Roopnarine, your paralegal. My mother is an extremely detail oriented woman who was an executive secretary at IBM. So, you should know that this is very high praise indeed. My mother said Jennifer was outstanding. Please pass this along and my mother is very appreciative of your work. She said that she didn’t even need to show up in court.

Thx so much Matt. “Granny gets a speeding ticket” – CASE SOLVED. If you wish to use the case as a testimonial I’m sure it would bring smiles to a few faces.
Scott M.

Ease of working with you…
I am quite pleased with both the result and the ease of working with you. I will certainly be recommending you to friends and family.
Ryan B.

Ticket dismissed–recommendation delivered!
Dear Matthew,

Thank you for the help you gave me last year. My ticket was dismissed and I was very, very happy and relieved.

I am recommending a coworker. When he writes or calls you, kindly help him in the same way you helped me. I would love to see more and more people experience the same relief.

I enjoy your newsletters too.

Barbara H.

Chinatown’s traffic lawyer
I am very pleased with your services, not just my friends and family, I will tell all my co-workers about your law firm, and the whole Chinatown if I can.
Tai L.

Best lawyers for traffic cases!
I just wanted to say thank you and everyone at your office for the excellent work. I was extremely pleased with the way you guys handled the case and of course with the results. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone looking for the best lawyers for traffic cases.
Chong L.

I cannot endorse Weiss & Associates, PC strongly enough
I wanted to express my TREMENDOUS pleasure in having had Weiss & Associates, PC represent me in traffic court.

I hired Weiss & Associates, PC after I was pulled over and issued two (2) traffic tickets in 2009. The first citation was for Speeding 31-40 (8 points) and the second was for Following too Close (4 points). The officer who issued me these citations is well known to the attorneys and writes more tickets than just about any other police office in NYC.

I was contacted regularly leading up to my first court date and never had to worry about tracking anyone down for updates. The courts postponed the court date first, and then my attorney postponed at the next date when the officer showed up in court.

My case finally went to trial this week. The police officer showed up and my attorney OBTAINED A DISMISSAL FOR BOTH CITATIONS AT TRIAL.

I cannot endorse Weiss & Associates, PC strongly enough. Their fees are reasonable, their support staff is top notch and their attorneys know exactly what they are doing when it comes to fighting traffic tickets.

Don’t put your livelihood and driving record in the hands of amateurs. If you need someone to represent you for a traffic citation – enlist the services of Weiss & Associates, PC immediately. You won’t be sorry.

Joe Bottiglieri
Veteran, United States Marine Corps

Very knowledgeable and kept me informed about all, kept in touch with me throughout the whole time
I have gotten into an accident and unfortunately said No to a breathalyzer which was dumb of me because I did not even know once refused, the driver is automatically guilty. Matt was great, he came and got me out of jail right away. He is very knowledgeable and kept me informed about all, kept in touch with me throughout the whole time and at the end he got me a deal of just a non-criminal violation. His associate John was also great with winning the Breath test refusal hearing, which I could have resulted in me losing my license for a year. Both were wonderful to work with and I would recommend Matthew Weiss and Associates & Associates, PC to anyone and everyone especially with dealing with DWI and traffic issues!
Thanks guys,
Peter L.

Guaranteed my business!
I cannot thank you enough. You are guaranteed my biz, my friends’ and my families’. Keep up the good work.
Mohammed Ali
(Red light ticket dismissed)

My husband will be very happy with the results
Thank you so much for your services, my husband will be very happy with the results. I have already made it a point to mention your organization to my co-workers.
R. Guzzi

Thank you thank you thank you thank you
Amazing!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Is there a google or yelp review page where I can give you guys a positive review?
Logan L.

I am thrilled to report that whatever they did, my case was dismissed
A month or so ago, I was clocked by radar moving slower than a speeding bullet but much faster than a running turtle, on a local road in Harriman Road in Rockland County. I have a totally clean driving record but turned to Weiss & Associates, PC to keep it that way and to avoid or minimize the possibility of many points (I was going pretty fast!) and substantial fines. I am thrilled to report that whatever they did, my case was dismissed.
Morris S.

You were excellent!
Thank you so much for the update. All of your hard work is much appreciated. You and Giselle were excellent. I will certainly call you guys again in the future. Thanks again.

Very Truly Yours,
S. Shankar, Esq.

Thanks for beating my son’s 4 tickets
Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me and the immediate response. I am so pleasantly surprised by the service you have given I can’t put it into words. I’ll just crossed my fingers and it all turned out okay.
Dave N
(Manhattan Disobey Traffic Control Device, Failed To Signal, Failed To Comply & Unsafe Backing Tickets – All 4 Dismissed (5/30/12))

Matt The Magician
I received a speeding ticket and an equipment violation in February 2012 on the Southern State Parkway. I talked with several traffic attorneys before hiring Weiss & Associates. I cannot praise the people at Weiss and Associates (Matt, Giselle and Jennifer) enough. There service was responsive, helpful and professional and all at a reasonable cost especially compared to the other attorneys I talked to. Matt was able to get the four point speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket and the equipment violation dismissed. Doing it by yourself is a mistake. I highly recommend Weiss and Associates to everyone in need of traffic ticket representation. Call Matt the magician.
Richard B
(Speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket, and equipment ticket dismissed – 6/12)

Richard M – 12 year client
I have used Weiss and Associates, PC to represent me in regard to traffic violations (most of them speeding), about 6 or 7 times in approximately the last 12 years. And not once did they fail to either have my charge dismissed or reduced to a much less serious charge. They’re very forthright and honest and they don’t make pie in the sky promises and guarantees. They just look at the violations that you’re being charged with and the court where your summons is answerable. Then they give you an idea of how they’re going to try to proceed to fight the charges and an idea of what their chances are of being successful, in either getting the charges reduced or dismissed. And suffice it to say in the approximate 12 years that I’ve been dealing with them, there’s no telling how much money I’ve saved in avoiding higher insurance premiums, in addition to avoiding possible revocations and suspensions of my license. Well worth the money that I’ve spent in using them to represent me. The only other alternative is not to get the tickets in the first place. But once you do, Weiss and Associates, PC is the best way to give yourself a fighting chance.

Stress Relieved
I want to once again send my most sincere thanks to you, Matt and your entire team for all of your help. You generously took the time to answer all of my questions, relieved what was once a very stressful situation, and obtained the best possible result. I needed you and you were there for me, and that really means a lot. I will gladly give you an extremely positive review, and I’ll always keep you in mind if any of my family or friends are ever in need of similar services.
If you could also pass this message along to Matt, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you,
EO (Unsafe lane change ticket in Broome County dismissed)

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