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We defend many companies and truck drivers from truck tickets such as over-weight, over-length, unsecured load and safety equipment violations. Some truck tickets are criminal misdemeanors, carry high fines and/or adversely affect a CDL license. Given these possible consequences, it is therefore important that you contact a knowledgeable law firm when issued such tickets.

How And Where To Answer A New York Truck Ticket?
In New York, many truck tickets are answerable in criminal court. Click this link for a list of New York City Criminal Courts which handle many NYC truck tickets.

Who Can Answer A New York Truck Ticket?
Because a corporation must be represented by an attorney in any NY criminal proceeding, corporate officers are wasting their time in answering truck tickets issued to their companies. Don’t bother trying, your case will only be given a new date to return with a NY truck ticket lawyer. In any event, your drivers and other workers should be killing a day in court (that’s what we do).

What Types Of Truck Tickets Can Be Issued?
There are many such tickets. Most, however, involve the truck’s weight and dimensions, its safety equipment and whether the driver have appropriate paper work. Click the following link for a list of common New York truck ticket offenses.

Are Truck Tickets Serious?
Generally, these tickets are quite serious. In fact, many are criminal charges such as failure to display HUT, FUT, MVT and/or IFTA stickers, driving with faulty brakes, steering or coupling devices, and failure to obtain environmental or safety inspections.

What If I Don’t Answer A Truck Ticket?
If you fail to answer a truck ticket, the court will render a default judgment against the company or individual to whom the truck ticket was issued. The default judgment fine is often in the $1,000s and far exceeds the fine that would be imposed had the case been timely answered. A truck attorney can set aside a default judgment, however, if he or she is hired promptly after the entry of the default.

What Is The New York City Tax Stamp?
Click this link for information about the NYC Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (aka Tax Stamp).

Do You Have A Commercial Driver License (CDL)?
If so read our article about the affect of a New York traffic ticket on your CDL .

Weiss & Associates aggressively defends our clients from any type of truck ticket and often are able to obtain reductions and dismissals of the original charges saving our clients substantial monies.

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