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A suspended license can often be fixed quickly. We make lifting suspensions and fighting aggravated unlicensed charges as simple as possible. Our firm has cleared 1,000s of New York suspensions and we are always happy to patiently explain how we can get your license back.

You should remove any suspensions from your license because it is illegal in New York to drive with even one suspension. This crime is called Aggravated Unlicensed (VTL 511[1][a]) and is a misdemeanor. Further, all 49 states will honor a New York suspension making it illegal for your to drive in any State when you have one (or more) New York suspensions.

If you are caught driving when you know or should know that your license is suspended or revoked (Aggravated Unlicensed), you will face a mandatory fine plus possible jail time. We are often able to resolve such cases, however, without our client getting a criminal record (let alone jail time).

If you are charged with Aggravated Unlicensed, you almost always will have to clear the underlying suspension(s) before the Aggravated Unlicensed case will be resolved by the criminal court.

Finally, even if you do lift a suspension by responding to an un-answered ticket or paying a fine you owe, you still must pay a $35 suspension termination fee in order to be able to legally drive again. When we handle your case, we will make sure your license is valid again and that you are legal to drive.

Contact us for help lifting any New York suspension quickly and easily, and to fight an Aggravated Unlicensed charge.