A New (Illegal) Way To Avoid Red Light Camera Tickets

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Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.47.40 AMGoldfinger is one of the best James Bond movies in the series and featured a tricked out Aston Martin. Some of its gadgets included a passenger ejector seat and retractable bullet proof shield. Its most subtle gadget was a license plate that you could rotate out with another by pushing a button.

Well, the NY Post reports that an NYPD officer built his own “flipper” plate for his personal  car. Sgt. Grigory Bardash allegedly used the device to avoid red light camera tickets. At the push of a button, Bardash’s plate would tilt in a way that the cameras could not take an image of it.

Before you get jealous, you should know that Bardash was arrested and charged with “obstructing  government administration”, a misdemeanor.

Besides the obvious fact that this alleged conduct is criminal, its only benefit was to save a modest amount of money (these tickets carry only a $50 fine). Seems like Bardahs, therefore, planned on running a lot of red lights.

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