Bloody Traffic Ticket Leads To Major Drug Bust

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A bloody Pound Ridge traffic ticket led police to a discover a drug warehouse inside a New Canaan, Connecticut home.  The dim-witted motorist sent in his traffic ticket with a not guilty plea but an observant clerk noticed that the traffic ticket had blood on it.  The Pound Ridge police, then, called the New Canaan police.  When  the New Canaan police went to check on the man, they noticed a broken window and blood inside the home. Once inside, they noticed drugs left out in plain view.

Officers seized about two pounds of marijuana, a marijuana plant, scales, packaging material, literature on how to grow marijuana and a 12-gauge shotgun, police said. They also found blood-soaked towels, blood on rugs and walls and in a bathtub.  Now, in addition to the traffic ticket, the motorist faces a number of drug-related charges.

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