Can An Out-Of-State Driver Take New York’s Driver Safety Class?

We recently had a Florida resident that completed the New York defensive driving course.  He had a point problem in New York and, therefore, wanted to ensure that he received the appropriate credit for the class (i.e., that he received 4 points off his NY record).

Our law office contacted the course provider who advised it will notify DMV only if the person has a New York Motorist ID number.  The trick is that, for an out-of-state motorist to have a New York Motorist ID number, he or she must first be convicted of, at least, one moving violation.  Upon conviction to a first offense, NY’s DMV then assigns the number.  Once a number is assigned/obtained, then you need to contact the course provider and provide that number.  The provider, in turn, can then make sure NY DMV afford the appropriate credit to the out-of-state driver.

If you have a  difficult DMV question, feel free to contact us or post it on this blog.  Since 1991, we have handled thousands of vehicle and traffic law cases and have encountered all types of unique situations.

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