CEO Gets Speeding Ticket (91/35) While Test Driving A Super Car (And Couldn't Care Less)

Claus Ettensberer, CEO of CEC, a luxury car accessories company, was lucky enough to be able to test drive a Lexus LFA, a sports car with a starting price of $375,000. The FLA has a 4.8 liter V10 engine 9,000 maximum RPM, 202 mph top speed, and goes 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

While test driving the LFA for 20 minutes in a residential neighborhood, Claus was stopped and issued a speeding ticket for 91/35. As the photo and video show, he couldn’t care less about it. He even thinks it’s funny taking a smiling photo with the issuing police officer. Perhaps, when he sees the judge, he’ll feel differently.

In New York, this would be an 11-point ticket in New York and could result in a suspension even with an otherwise clean record. In fact, in most parts of the state, up to 15 days in jail could be imposed. The fine, surcharge and driver assessment fee for such a ticket is over a $1,000 (not that Claus has to worry about such pocket change). In fact, Claus likely would have faced more serious charges such as reckless driving or reckless endangerment, and had his car impounded.

By the way, his speed, while high, is no where near the record speeding ticket of 242 mph.

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  • He better hope I’m not on the jury.

  • “In fact, in most parts of the state, up to 15 days in jail could be imposed. ”

    Isn’t that the penalty for *any* traffic infraction?

    Does *any* judge send people to jail from traffic infractions? *shudder*


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