Coronavirus Leads To Open Highways And High Speeding Tickets in New York

With non-essential workers staying home, highways are as empty as ever.  As a result, some motorists are tempted to exceed New York’s maximum speed limits.  Further, the unusual nature of the times has created the impression in some that “regular” rules do not apply.  This belief, of course, is severely misguided.  We are still seeing plenty of NY speeding tickets (and other moving violations) being issued.  In fact, most of the New York speeding tickets that we’re seeing recently are ones involving excess speed (31+ mph).  It seems the faster you go, the more likely that you’ll be pulled over.

So let’s be clear, police officers WILL stop you and issue you a traffic ticket if you violate the vehicle and traffic laws.  If stopped, they often will come around your passenger side, instruct you to lower your window and ask you to hold up your driver’s license. They quickly will lean in and snap a photo.  For their safety, they often will not engage in extended banter.  With a photo of your license (and a glance at your license plate), they have all they need to issue you a  New York traffic ticket.

Further, your case will be entered in the system and require you to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.  While most traffic courts are closed, your time in which to respond to a newly-issued traffic ticket is not suspended. So we recommend noting the speed limits as you drive and staying within them.  Be safe everybody!!

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