NYC Red Light Camera Tickets

Many clients call our firm inquiring about what, if anything, they should do when they receive a red light ticket in the mail. Most (if not all) of such NYC traffic tickets are a result of hidden cameras installed at busy intersections by the New York City Department of Transportation. In 2003, 450,000 camera red-light summons were issued in the city and now Nassau County will be adding 54 red light cameras of its own.

When the camera’s sensors detect that a vehicle is moving too fast to stop at a red light, a photograph is taken of the red light and a second photograph is taken a few seconds later as the vehicle crosses through the intersection against the red light. A summons with the photographs attached is then issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The most important thing one should know about these types of summonses is that they carry no points. Because it would be impossible to prove who was driving the vehicle at the time of the infraction, this summons is treated as a parking ticket and usually carries around a $50 fine.

Effective September 13, 2010, motorists who have red light camera violations that push them above the $350 scofflaw tow threshold can have their car is towed an will be subject to interest for late payments.

It has been reported that NYC has experienced a 73% drop in red light violations since 1994 when red light cameras were first installed. During this time, the city reported a 41% decline in collisions and a 35% reduction in vehicular fatalities.

The only defenses which I am aware of to these types of tickets is that the photographs do not clearly show that your vehicle was involved or ran a red light, medical emergency, mechanical problems, theft of vehicle and possibly other justification type defenses. Without a good defense supported by documentary proof, these tickets are extremely difficult to win.

Some motorists have taken matters into their own hands by purchasing and applying a clear spray called Photoblocker which distorts a license plate’s image. Without a clear photograph of the license plate, a fine cannot be sent. Use of such products is illegal in New York City and, of course, not recommended. So be careful…Big Brother is watching you.

Below is a list of some of the known locations of hidden cameras in the City of New York. For a list of Nassau County red light camera locations, click here.


  • 79th Street / York Avenue (N/B)
  • 42nd Street / 2nd Avenue (S/B)
  • 72nd Street / 3rd Avenue (N/B)
  • 96th Street / Madison Avenue (N/B)
  • Allen Street / East Houston Street (W/B)
  • Canal Street / 6th Avenue (N/B)
  • 20th Street / 9th Avenue (S/B)
  • 39th Street / 10th Avenue (N/B)
  • 72nd Street / Central Park West (N/B)
  • 7th Avenue / Central Park South (S/B)
  • 72nd Street / Central Park Drive (S/B)
  • Amsterdam Avenue / 72nd Street (N/B)
  • 96th Street / Amsterdam Avenue (N/B)
  • 66th Street / West End Avenue (S/B)
  • 96th Street / West End Avenue (N/B)
  • 23rd Street / Broadway (S/B)
  • Canal Street / Lafayette Street
  • Manhattan Avenue / 110th Street (E/B)
  • Lenox Boulevard / 110th Street
  • 110th Street / Amsterdam Avenue
  • West Broadway / Hudson Street
  • Battery Park / State Street (E/B)
  • 42nd Street / 10th Avenue
  • 57th Street / 11th Avenue (N/B)
  • 46th Street / 7th Avenue
  • 23rd Street / 11th Avenue
  • 125th Street / River Side Drive
  • West Houston Street / West Street (S/B)
  • West End Avenue / 96th Street (W/B)
  • 57th Street / 2nd Avenue (S/B)
  • 34th Street / 2nd Avenue (S/B)
  • 72nd Street / Broadway(S/B)
  • 6th Avenue / West Houston Street (W/B)
  • 145th Street / St. Nicholas Street

The Bronx

  • East 135th Street / West Alexander Avenue
  • East 167th Street / Grand Concourse Avenue (N/B)
  • Cross Bronx Expressway / Rosedale Avenue (W/B)
  • Pelham Parkway / Stillwell Avenue (W/B)
  • 58th Street / Queens Boulevard (E/B)
  • Ascan Avenue / Queens Boulevard (E/B)
  • Roosevelt Avenue / Queens Boulevard (W/B)
  • Union Turnpike / Main Street (W/B)
  • Corona Avenue / Broadway
  • Northern Boulevard / Douglaston Parkway (W/B)
  • Rockaway Boulevard / Brookville Boulevard (W/B)


  • Atlantic Avenue / West Bedford Avenue
  • Eastern Parkway / East Utica Avenue
  • Avenue H / Flat Bush Avenue (N/B)
  • Pennsylvania Avenue / Linden Boulevard (E/B)
  • South Conduit Avenue / Linden Boulevard (E/B)
  • Bedford Avenue / Linden Boulevard (E/B)
  • Prospect Expressway / Ocean Parkway (W/B)
  • Cadman Plaza West / Tillary Street (S/B)
  • Ocean Parkway / Church Avenue (N/B)
  • Hamilton Avenue / Clinton (N/B)
  • Flatbush Avenue / Kings Plaza (S/B)
  • Pennsylvannia Avenue / Atlantic Avenue (S/B)
  • Boerum Place / Atlantic Avenue (S/B)


  • Steinway Street / Astoria Boulevard (E/B)
  • 58th Street / Queens Boulevard (E/B)
  • Ascan Avenue / Queens Boulevard (E/B)
  • Roosevelt Avenue / Queens Boulevard (W/B)
  • Union Turnpike / Main Street (W/B)
  • Corona Avenue / Broadway
  • Northern Boulevard / Marathon Parkway (E/B)
  • Northern Boulevard / Douglaston Parkway (W/B)
  • Rockaway Boulevard / Brookville Boulevard (W/B)

Staten Island

  • Hyland Boulevard, northbound at Burbank Avenue
  • Victory Boulevard, eastbound at Morani Street