Funny Traffic Anecdote, Part VI


I made a classic (albeit unsuccessful) closing argument recently at the Bronx traffic court.  Although charged with 74/50 in a “work area’ on the northbound side of the Throgs Neck Expressway, we had a good legal defense. Incidentally, fine are doubled in work areas.

We argued that due to the undisputed fact that actual construction on this stretch of roadway was about a mile further north, we shouldn’t be charged with speeding in a work area (this not be a “work area” as defined by law but rather an area leading up to a “work area”). When the judge pointed out that there were signs in place designating this pre-work area as a “work area”, I replied as follows:

“You could put a sign over my head describing me as a women but that doesn’t mean I have a vagina”.

Although we lost the case (its still under appeal), I am still quite proud of this argument.

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  • 888-Red-Light you are lifesavers!

    I first met Matt a few years ago and am forever grateful to have found someone who can take this problem off my back and help me out. As someone who drives 20,000 miles a year tickets are somewhat unavoidable. In fact I don’t know anyone in NY who has gone without ever receiving a ticket.

    The real value to me was not losing a day of work only to get stressed and frustrated trying to plead my case.

    Beliveve me it is much better to let a professional handle it for you. The results are usually better (although there are no guarantees); and certainly not having the stress, aggravation, lost time and hassle of dealing with the insane NY legal process is worth it in and of itself.

    Fortunately I can safely say I will never show up in a court to fight a ticket myself again. Thanks guys for doing the dirty work!

  • Matt,

    Be honest, no one would ever confuse you for a woman….I love the passion in your blog entry! keep sharing!


    Ps. Thanks for getting me out of the last ‘jam’!

  • Great response. PS to all those out there I highly recommend 888 red light. They are honest & really care about their clients. I am a client that has won cases and lost cases. My only mistake is that when they told me I had no chance of winning a case I still wanted them to fight it.

    That is great that you said that in court.


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