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Idea Light Bulb
Idea Light Bulb
Earlier this year, I was asked to be a Featured Guest Advisor on Idea Blob. At this site, entrepreneurs with a business idea can post their concept and receive advice and feedback from others. Users of the the site can give advise and vote on the ideas with $10,000 being awarded every month to the idea which garners the most votes. The site is sponsorsed by Advanta Bank. Allows Entrepreneurs To Give And Get Feedback About Their Ideas Allows Entrepreneurs To Give And Get Feedback About Their Ideas
Recently, I was asked to be a full time Featured Guest Advisor and, under the ID “mjweiss” have been enjoyed contributing my 2 cents.

I really like the site as it provides a home for truly “early stage” entrepreneurs. It is often during this formative stage that ideas can be shaped, tweaked or enhanced and truly become successes. It is also the single best time to make sure your idea has merit. Through this vetting process, you can learn if you have thought through all the angles and make sure that your idea is worth pursuing. Some of the best business deals that I have made were the ones which I haven’t made.

Ideablob Founder Ami Kassar also is taking this concept on the road with Blob Live. Blob Live is basically an open-mic night for budding entrepreneurs.

Blob Live is an open-mic night for entrepreneurs
Blob Live is an open-mic night for entrepreneurs
Participants get 90 seconds to pitch their idea and, then, are asked questions and given feedback by others in the room. Mr. Kassar has stated that no one’s idea has ever been stolen and explains that it is all on the honor system. A video shows Bloblive in action. Below is the official Blob Live promotional video.


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