How To Help Your Customer Buy

VMV Hypoallergenics sells skin care products and provides facial and skin services. It has a large online presence and 15+ stores and various other retail outlets worldwide. Its products are some of the best in the industry designed specifically for people with mild to severe skin issues and backed by clinical studies.

However, I write today about something I observed at its only US store at 868 Broadway in Manhattan. Beside the product displays and facial rooms, I noticed two unobtrusive and interesting features — a chalk board/felt board and a putting green. What purpose do you think these items serve?

I inquired of Laura Verallo de Bertotto, one of the owners, and she explained with a smile that customers with children are usually tense, harried and distracted. The chalk board and felt board give young ones something to do and, more importantly, “buy” some precious time for her customers to browse, inquire and purchase. Similarly, the putting green buys time for customers shopping with their male counter parts.

Laura was inspired by a book entitled “Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping” by Paco Underhill. In there, it was suggested that lingerie stores (as an example) should have male-oriented lounge chairs and large TVs showing sports, to keep the “dudes” entertained while their women could shop in peace.

What item can you use in your business to give your customers (and their companions) a better, longer and more relaxed purchasing experience?

Matthew Weiss

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