I Just Got a NY Traffic Ticket, What Should I Do?

Let’s be blunt: traffic tickets can ruin even the finest day, and their high cost can make a dent in your wallet. So you are saying, I just got a NY Traffic Ticket. What should I do!? What do I do? Of course, it is best to never get a ticket. However, since you are already banging your head on your steering wheel because you were going just a touch too fast and got caught, what can you do to minimize the damage? Below are some tips.

Do Not Just Pay It

In almost all cases, you will be better off by fighting your traffic ticket or, at least, have very little to lose. Most people do not do so because they think they will have to take time off work and travel to court to do it, costing themselves even further money and hassle. Others plead guilty because they believe that they are guilty. However, neither of these things should change our recommendation which is to always fight your moving violations. Often, an experienced New York traffic lawyer can obtain a favorable result for you and you will NOT have to appear in court.

Fighting your ticket gives you a chance to reduce points on your license and minimize fines and penalties. It can often help you to avoid a suspension and keep your car insurance rates from going up.

Get Good Help

Certainly, with high point tickets and potential multiple convictions, you want to consult with an experienced New York traffic ticket attorney. Having someone who is aware of the New York traffic laws and how the court systems works, is a wise decision.

A good traffic ticket attorney will understand what he or she can do for your particular situation, no matter how bad it might seem. Everyday, the best New York traffic lawyers help drivers keep their records as clean as possible and possibly avoid revocations and suspensions. Contact us if you would like a free ticket analysis.

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  • Brooke McAvoy
    July 20, 2016 1:22 pm

    I didn’t realize that you don’t always have to appear in court when you fight a traffic ticket. Like you said, this was always my biggest reservation because it would take a lot of time out of my day. I appreciate your information on finding a good, qualified attorney (like you and your law firm) to take care of this. Thank you


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