Motorist Uses Facebook To Beat Traffic Ticket (But Then Gets Into Bigger Trouble)

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No one likes getting a traffic ticket.  However, some people will go to great lengths to beat one. Some will even do stupid things.

Case in point: A Houston women with three open traffic tickets reached out to her Facebook friends for help, as reported by ABC She posted on her wall a blanket request for help and one of her friends, a woman identifying herself as a Chief Investigator of the Houston Fire Department, allegedly stepped in advising that she knew the police officer involved and could fix it. The helpful friend posted a few hours later that the tickets had been “ripped up”.

Remarkably, the above exchange was all caught publicly via Facebook’s wall and therefore easily visibly to many others. Could these two be any dumber?

Not unsurprisingly, Houston’s Office of Inspector General is currently looking into this matter including the possibly of criminal action (i.e., tampering with evidence).

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