My Poken (It’s Like A Webkinz For Adults)


Okay, I figured about this Poken thing. See my last post for how I got “poked”. Anyway, its a USB device for your keychain that allows you to share your social networking information with other people. It’s like an electronic business card that stores your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. They come in different styles like a Voodoo Poken, a Bee Poken, an Alien Poken and a Panda Poken. Mine is a Ninja Poken.

You go online to filter out what information you are giving out similar to a Webkinz (although you don’t have to feed or care for your Poken).

Anyway, the real cool part is that when you meet some with a Poken, you just touch yours to theirs and “presto” you’ve exchanged information and you’ll be able to access one another’s personal networking sites.

Pretty cool except now I have to find someone with a Poken. In fact, I am so keen on trying it out that I’d “poke” anyone.

Got Poken?

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