NYC Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (aka Tax Stamp)

This tax is imposed upon non-passenger motor vehicles used principally in New York City or principally in connection with business carried on in New York City.

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying this tax unless the vehicle is used by a lessee or other person exclusively for a period of 30 or more days. To the right is a sample tax stamp.

For trucks, the tax is as follows:
Maximum Gross Weight
Annual Tax
10,000 lbs or less
10,000 lbs to 12,500 lbs
12,501 lbs to 15,000
15,001 or more $300

The tax year begins June 1st and ends May 31st. If the vehicles first use is after December 1st, only 50% of the tax is due. After March 1st, only 25% of the tax is due. The tax return must be filed by June 20th of each year or within 2 days of acquiring the vehicle.

To pay this tax you can appear at the NYC Department of Finance, Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax Section, 66 John Street, 2nd Floor, in downtown Manhattan, with your vehicle registration number, or just fax a request for a tax stamp return with a copy of your registration to 212-361-8780 Attention: Rose Make your money order payable to the NYC Department of Finance and mail it to the NYC Department of Finance, PO Box 5130, Kingston, NY 12402-5130. Upon processed, a stamp tax will be mailed to you.

Changes to your business name or address can be made online by visiting and selecting Update Name and Address in the blue business taxes box.

The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles will collect this tax and a separate tax stamp will not be needed for trucks with a registration maximum gross weight of 10,000 or less that are registered in NYC.

For inquiries, you can call 212-361-1210.