NYPD Cop: "Blame de Blasio For Your Ticket." That’s Irrelevant! You Need To Fight It With a Lawyer.

An NYPD officer was recently recorded telling a traffic offender that it was Mayor De Blasio’s fault the violator was getting a traffic summons. However, the question remains, did you violate the law?

If you received a summons under the Mayor’s Vision Zero Enforcement policy, pleading the policy is wrong, doesn’t help your case. Was it you that allegedly violated the law? Yes, so fight the violation itself, do not blame anyone else for its cause, enforcement of the policy is irrelevant in court. You need an experienced traffic ticket lawyer fighting your case.

Depending on the reason for the summons, the particulars are contestable. A lawyer determines whether the elements of the offense have been proven. That’s why getting advice from a good traffic lawyer benefits you. Do not go it alone without first consulting with one. The consultations are usually free.

Statistics prove that issuing traffic summonses reduces the number of traffic fatalities. It does not matter, however, in your case how many tickets the police issues, what matters are the circumstances under which they issued the summons, and is it provable. In some cases it is not provable. Most cases have something that is contestable, so, pleading guilty or no contest gives up this opportunity.

In conclusion, always consult with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer before deciding how to handle your case. Contact us today for free advice.

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  • Chaz Antonelli
    July 19, 2016 10:25 am

    If I was the person receiving this summons and had this video where the officer blames it on me voting for DeBlasio, as my lawyer what would you do with this “evidence”?

    • Chaz Antonelli,

      Good question. I believe that most judge would view such a video as irrelevant. The real issue is whether you violated the traffic law in question.

      Matthew Weiss


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