Quebec Demerit Point Table

Offence Points
Speed above the limit prescribed or indicated on a traffic control device:
by 11 to 20 km/h (7-12 mph) 1
by 21 to 30 km/h (13-18 mph) 2
by 31 to 45 km/h (18-28 mph) 3
by 46 to 60 km/h (28-37 mph) 5
by 61 to 80 km/h (38-50 mph) 7
by 81 to 100 km/h (50-62 mph) 9
by 101 to 120 km/h (62-75 mph) 12
by 121 km/h or more (75 mph or more) 15+
Driving at a speed too great for weather or road conditions 2
Tailgating 2
Accelerating when being passed 2
Passing a bicycle too closely in a travel lane 2
Failure to yield to pedestrians and cyclists at an intersection 2
Failure to yield to oncoming traffic 2
Sudden braking without cause 2
Failure to stop before turning right at a red traffic light (where permitted) 3
Failure to wear a seat belt 3
Failure to wear a helmet (motorcycles, mopeds & motorized scooters) 3
Prohibited passing on the right 3
Prohibited passing on the left 3
Prohibited driving in reverse 3
Failure to obey the order or signal of a peace officer, school crossing guard or flag person 3
Failure to obey a red traffic light or stop sign 3
Failure to come to a mandatory stop at a level crossing 3
Prohibited crossing of a line marking off lanes 3
Zigzagging to pass 4
Prohibited passing in a lane reserved for oncoming traffic 4
Speeding or reckless driving 4
Driving for a wager or stake or in a race 6
Failure to stop when approaching a school bus or minibus with its flashing lights in operation, or prohibited passing or meeting of such a vehicle 9
Prohibited use of a tunnel by a vehicle carrying dangerous substances 9
Failure of a driver involved in an accident to do his or her duty 9
Failure to stop at a level crossing when driving a bus, a minibus, or a road vehicle carrying certain dangerous substances 9
Driving without an accompanying rider (learner’s license holder) 4
Driving with the presence of alcohol in the body* 4
Failure to provide a breath sample* 4
*For holders of a learner’s license, a probationary license or a driver’s license with an alcohol ignition interlock requirement.