Appealing a Conviction at The Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency

This article will show you the initial steps for appealing a guilty conviction at the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Bureau (TPVA), located at 16 Cooper Street, Hempstead.

You first file a Notice of Appeal at the TPVA with 30 days of receipt of the final disposition
The TPVA will send the Notice of Appeal to the Appellate Term, 141 Livingston Street, 15th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
You must order the transcript of the trial (aka “minutes”) of the proceeding from the court reporter who appeared at your trial
When you receive the transcript (minutes), he or she must present to the TPVA Judicial Hearing Officer to “settle the minutes”.
When the minutes are settled, the TPVA will send the entire file to the Appellate Term
The Appellate Term will then notify both parties of the next steps.