Common Misconceptions About Speeding Tickets

Police officers follow quote systems?
They may exist in some areas but it doesn’t really matter. Police officers patrolling around will issue tickets to whomever they see violate the law. Don’t think that their supervisors won’t ask them how many tickets were issued when they return to the police house (quote or not).

Officers will not issue a speeding ticket to motorists traveling less than 10 mph above the limit?
It depends on the officer. Generally, you’ll get a 5 mph grace and sometimes up to 10 mph.

If I am stopped, I should flash a PBA or other police card?
I’d say no. If you have one, I’d be subtle about. As you “look” for your license, make sure officer can see that you have one.

If the cop makes a mistake on the ticket like writing the wrong birth date, then I’ll win the case?
No, unlike a parking ticket, most mistakes on the ticket will not result in a dismissal. Further, up to the time of trial, the officer may amend the ticket to correct a mistake or omission. Exceptions exist for substantial errors like the date of offense and place of occurrence.