How To Avoid Getting A New York Traffic Ticket

With politicians facing huge budget deficits, municipalities are writing more traffic tickets than ever. This article addresses various ways to minimize your chance of getting that ticket. Please note that most of these points are not legal in nature but rather more common sense.

Drive in a pack. When driving on a highway, try and stay within a group of other cars. It is easy for a police officer to pick off “leader” of the pack. In fact, if you are speeding along with another vehicle, it is advisable to change lanes and let that other vehicle pave the way. Chances are, if there is a police officer ahead, the lead vehicle will be pulled over, not you.

Remain vigilant. Keep scanning the road ahead for areas where a police could hide. Also, do not forget to check your rear view mirror.

Know the law. Keep a look out for traffic signs or markings which apply to you, and refresh yourself regarding the various rules of the law. The last thing you want to do it get a ticket because you erroneously thought some maneuver was legal.

Keep your car in good condition. A vehicle with one working tail light, for example, is crying for police attention. Often such equipment tickets result in stops and more tickets once the police officer’s attention has been directed toward you. Spend the few dollars it will cost to repair such equipment problems and save a lot more later.

Maintain a low profile. A red convertible or a car with neon lights is going to grab the attention of police officers. Try and tone it down so as to not stick out in the crowd.

If you are stopped, always be polite to the police officer. Rudeness has bought many a motorist additional summonses. Also, do not volunteer too much information. The Jack Friday adage anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law is a truism.