Our firm does NOT handle PARKING tickets.

While our firm does NOT handle parking tickets, we included this section as a helpful guide. Please do not call us about a parking ticket, however.

If you do get a parking ticket in New York City and want professional assistance, we recommend New York Parking Ticket, LLC who will fight for your freedom to move about New York City without receiving a parking ticket which you don’t deserve. They will tell you exactly which tickets they can beat or reduce, and which ones they cannot. For companies with multiple parking tickets, New York Parking Ticket, LLC is the answer.

On the other hand, if you want to fight your parking ticket yourself, the following defenses may be raised to try and avoid being found guilty anywhere in New York State:

  • Mechanical Failure
  • Theft of Car
  • Medical Emergency

NYC statistics shows that a mere 13% of those issued a parking ticket actually fight it.

For commercial vehicles, New York City has a settlement program. Companies that enroll waive their right to a hearing or an appeal but they get their fines reduced (sometimes to zero) depending on the severity and location of the offense.

You should know that statistics show it is better to fight your parking ticket in person. Those who contest their parking tickets through the mail were 32% more likely to be found guilty than those who argued their defense in-person before a hearing officer. Just showing up and arguing your case makes a difference especially if your defense isn’t a “slam dunk”.

Finally, a former NYC Parking Violations Bureau judge allegedly took extreme measures to avoid paying his parking tickets (not recommended). Among other things, he obtained vanity license plates with the following numbers Y5OV26 and 4GZZ50. The theory being that these combinations of letters and numbers were likely to be mis-cited by a ticketing officer.

Fighting New York State Parking Tickets (outside NYC)

Any parking ticket issued in New York State (but outside New York City) must include the following seven pieces of information:

  • Date (month, day and year) and time of offense
  • Location of the offense
  • Plate designation (as shown by vehicle’s registration)
  • Plate type (as shown by vehicle’s registration)
  • Registration’s expiration date (month, day and year)
  • Make or model of the vehicle
  • Body type of the vehicle

If any of these items is omitted, you have a viable defense to the ticket.