Why Fight A New York Speeding Ticket

The first response that most people give when asked why should they fight their NY speeding ticket is points. Speeding convictions in New York carry 3 to 11 points depending on how many mph above the limit with which you are charged.

NY Speeding Ticket Chart

1 – 10 mph over speed limit 3 points

11 – 20 mph over speed limit 4 points

21 – 30 mph over speed limit 6 points

31 – 40 mph over speed limit 8 points

41+ mph over speed limit 11 points

The better response is that one should fight their New York speeding summons to avoid being suspended for too many points. In other words, it is the consequences of having too many points to which people are averse.

In New York State, if you accumulate more than 10 points, you can be suspended. Additionally, even with just one conviction for 31 mph (or more) over the limit, a judge could suspend your license.

The second reason for fighting your New York speeding ticket is auto insurance rates. Most people are aware that having a speeding ticket on your record (among other things) can raise your insurance rates. What many people do not know is that, if you have a clean record (no points or accidents) and you are convicted of one low speeding ticket, your insurance rates will not go up. For insurance purposes, a low speeding ticket is one where you are convicted of only proceeding 15 mph (or less) above the limit.

With insurance rates already high for drivers with a cleaning driving record, it is important to fight your New York speeding ticket to keep your rate as low as possible. Another thing you can do to keep your rates low is to take the driver safety class. This 6-hour class will take 4 points off your New York point total plus save you 10% off your auto insurance.

The last reason to fight your New York State speeding summons is money. The fine for a NYS speeding ticket is, at least, $90. Plus, New York State adds $50 to the fine making the cost of your speeding ticket $140 (or more). Moreover, for a 6-point speeding ticket conviction (21 mph over the limit or higher), the New York State Department Of Motor Vehicles will impose yet another fee called the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee of $300. This fee increases by $75 for every point above 6 on your NY motorists driving record. Therefore, a conviction to a New York State speeding ticket can get very expensive.

As discussed above, there are, therefore, three very good reasons to fight your NYS speeding ticket even if you have an otherwise clean record.