Self-Driving Cars That Learn As They Drive

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Tesla Motors recently sent an upgrade to its vehicles’ software which includes an auto-pilot feature.  This upgrade is the closest that any car manufacturer has come to releasing a self-driving car.  Tesla’s Autopilot includes maintain within a lane and accelerating and braking by itself.  Since the release, videos have sprouted up with Tesla Drivers testing the system which even includes one driver reading a newspaper while driving!

However, the remarkable part is that Tesla’s auto-pilot system learns!  What I mean is that its machine-leanring algorithms “remember” manual corrects that its drivers provide and thereby improves its “driving” ability.  Many drivers reported that their Tesla initially would try to leave a highway as it approached exit ramps.  These same drivers reported that their vehicle would no longer do this after a few weeks of driving.

It has only been a few weeks.  I can only imagine how well Tesla’s system will work this time next year!!

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