Getting a traffic ticket in Brooklyn isn’t fun. We appreciate that simple fact more than anyone. That is why our team is ready to help you out. If you have been issued a citation in Brooklyn or the surrounding New York area, our traffic ticket attorney services can help. Dealing with the state seems like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be with a Brooklyn traffic attorney by your side. With years of experience helping local NYC residents with their traffic violations, Weiss & Associates, PC should be your first call if you have received a ticket in Brooklyn or anywhere in the NYC area.

Common Traffic Tickets Violations in Brooklyn

Speeding is by far the most common traffic violation. We get it. It happens. You’re just trying to get from Point A and Point B and you’re in a hurry, and the next thing you know you see those flashing blue and red lights behind you. The DMV doesn’t quite understand what a New York minute is, which is why you need a local Brooklyn area traffic ticket attorney that knows the ins and outs of our local NYC traffic court system.

Disobeying a traffic device is just a fancy way of saying running a red light. That is going to put two points on your driver’s license, and there is going to be a fine as well. If you roll through a stop sign or go the wrong way down a one way street, you may also be breaking this law.

Using a cell phone while driving is also very common, but illegal in the State of New York. Brooklyn area cell phone tickets are common, but we can help. Everyone is busy, answering emails from the boss, texts from the kids, or checking their favorite social media site. If the NYPD catches you looking down at your phone and not up at the road, you’re going to be facing a fine and five points on your license.

Brooklyn Traffic Violations Can Be Serious

If you’ve been charged with any of the violations mentioned above (and those we didn’t mention too) it can be really scary. You get all these legal documents with writing on them that seems like it was written by an alien. That’s where we step in. Going in front of a judge and dealing with all of the hassles of the court can be seamless and easy with one of our experienced team members at your side.

A lot of people think that they can just pay the fine and go on like nothing really happened. Based on which violation you’re found guilty of, you might get points on your driver’s license which can be a problem if you get nailed with another ticket. Another potential problem is that your insurance rate will go up. Having an experienced traffic lawyer by your side means that you can get your ticket reduced or even dismissed.

What Happens When You Get a Traffic Ticket in Brooklyn

The first part is the most straightforward. A cop flashes his or her lights, and pulls you over. He or she will give you a ticket with what you did on it. If they are feeling nice, they may give you some instructions on what you can do after you receive your ticket.

Once you get home, you are going to need to act right away. Give us a call, and we will be able to take care of it. There are a few other parts in the process. Scheduling a hearing is a crucial step, as is going in front of the judge. If you call us, the premier traffic ticket attorneys in the Brooklyn and NYC area, we can be with you every step of the way.

Speeding Ticket Lawyers in Brooklyn

There is this common conception of speeding tickets as something that is an annoyance, something that will just go away. We’re here to inform you that this isn’t the case. As mentioned above, the fine is not the only problem that you might be dealing with if you get a traffic ticket. You may get points added to your license, and you may have to face rising costs of insurance.

We mentioned points on your license a few times, and now would be a good time to really explore what that means. Every conviction that you get adds points to your driver license. Add up the number of points that you got for 18 months before you got a ticket. You will also need to add any points that you get after you got your tickets for 18 months. If the number of points you have is equal to 11 (or higher!) than your license may be suspended. 

We also brought up the increasing cost of insurance. Your annual premium for your car insurance can increase up to 13% if you get a speeding ticket. That could represent a couple hundred dollars. We would rather spend those couple hundred dollars on anything other than insurance, and we think that you have better uses for that money as well. In the long run, fighting a speeding ticket can help save you money.

Weiss & Associates, PC Brooklyn Traffic Attorney Services:

  • Speeding Tickets
  • Traffic Violations and Tickets
  • Truck Tickets
  • Suspension
  • Reckless Driving
  • Disobey a Red Light
  • Disobey Traffic Control Device
  • Obstructing Intersection
  • NY Driver Responsibility Assessment
  • Stop Sign Tickets
  • Cell Phone Tickets
  • Leaving Scene of Accident
  • Move Over Law
  • Improper Turning Tickets
  • Failure To Yield
  • Following Too Closely

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