Received a Traffic Ticket on Long Island? Here’s Some Helpful Information

Long Island Traffic Ticket Lawyer Services by Weiss & Associates, PA

Once you get over the misfortune of receiving a traffic ticket in Long Island, it will be time to think about your options for fighting it. Every driver wants to avoid the points on driving records, insurance increases, and fines. A seasoned Long Island traffic lawyer can increase your chances of getting your ticket reduced or even dismissed.

Long Island is unique in that the traffic ticket courts are fragmented throughout Nassau and Suffolk County,  Specifically, in Nassau, traffic tickets issued in its 2 cities — Glen Cove and Long Beach — are adjudicated in those respective city’s traffic courts.  Traffic tickets issued in one of its villages are heard in village traffic courts. The Village traffic courts in Nassau County are Atlantic Beach, Baxter Estates, Bayville, Bellerose, Brookville, Cedarhurst, Centre Island, Cove Neck, East Hills, East Rockaway, East Williston, Farmingdale, Floral Park, Flower Hill, Freeport, Garden City, Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, Hempstead, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Neck, Island Park, Kensington, Kings Point, Lake Success, Lattingtown, Laurel Hollow, Lawrence, Lynbrook, Malverne, Manorhaven, Massapequa Park, Matinecock, Mill Neck Mineola Munsey Park Muttontown New Hyde Park North Hills Old Brookville Old Westbury, Oyster Bay Cove, Plandome, Plandome Heights, Plandome Manor, Port Washington North, Rockville Centre, Roslyn, Roslyn Estates, Roslyn Harbor, Russell Gardens, Saddle Rock, Sands Point, Sea Cliff, South Floral Park, Stewart Manor, Thomaston, Upper Brookville, Valley Stream, Westbury, Williston Park, and Woodsburgh.  And, finally, traffic tickets issued outside of these villages but within the confines of the Towns of Hempstead, North Hempstead, and Oyster Bay are heard at one central court called the Traffic Violations & Parking Agency, located at 16 Cooper Street in Hempstead. Not surprisingly, the Nassau County Traffic Violations & Parking Agency handles a huge volume of traffic tickets every week.

Suffolk County works similarly. In Suffolk, there are five towns that have their own traffic court.  Those are the Town Courts of East Hampton, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Southampton, and Southold. There are also various village courts in Suffolk County. The Village Courts handle traffic ticket matters within their village limits. Some of those village sare Amityville, Asharoken, Babylon, Belle Terre, Bellport, Brightwaters, Head of the Harbor, Huntington Bay, Islandia, Lake Grove, Lindenhurst, Lloyd Harbor, Nissequogue, Northport, Ocean Beach, Old Field, Patchogue, Poquott, Port Jefferson, Quogue, Sag Harbor, Saltaire, Shoreham, Southampton, Village of the Branch, West Hampton Dunes, and Westhampton Beach.  Finally, outside of the towns and villages is a large, unincorporated area in the county. Traffic tickets issued in this unincorporated area are heard at the Suffolk County Traffic Violations & Parking Agency, located at the H. Lee Dennison Building, Ground Floor North Entrance, 100 Veterans Memorial Highway in Hauppauge.

With so many different courts on Long Island, it is not surprising that some courts are more lenient than others, and others have unique ways to handle certain tickets or certain situations. For instance, a young driver with a high speeding ticket in Glen Cove might be required to write an essay about the dangers of speeding. While the Suffolk County Traffic Violations & Parking Agency is really tough with high speeds and often will not reduce them at all.

It, therefore, pays to consult with (if not hire) an experienced New York traffic ticket attorney who can help you safely navigate through your particular traffic court. Feel free to call us at 212-683-7373 for a free consultation for any traffic ticket. Our seasoned attorneys regularly appear in most Long Island traffic courts and are very familiar with their different nuances. Further, we have an extensive database to look up how your court previously handled your offense. Knowing this information often proves invaluable in preparing for our client’s court dates and obtaining the best possible result.

Fight Your Long Island Traffic Ticket with a Traffic Ticket Attorney

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by our potential clients is: does it make sense to fight my traffic ticket? Many people also want to deal with their tickets quickly and sometimes mistakenly pay them without understanding the consequences.  We encourage you to call us first.  If it is not worth fighting, we promise to tell you.  We tell 100s of people each year to not hire us (or any other lawyer) in certain situations.  Other times, when it is a gray area, we patiently explain the pros and cons so our prospective client can decide their preference. Yet other times, it could be a clear “yes” you should fight this one.

Regardless of where your situation falls, we’ll honestly give you our recommendation and explain the reasoning behind it. Our philosophy is to explain and educate so that our clients understand what they are up against and what they can expect.

Long Island Traffic Tickets

Long Island Police are always on the lookout for traffic violators, especially on the Long Island Expressway, Southern State Parkway, Meadowbrook Parkway, and Route 27A (also known as Montauk Highway). Speeding, illegally using an electronic device and illegally using the HOV lane are some of the most common offenses issued in Long Island. If you get any of these offenses, call us at 212-683-7373 for a free consultation. You can also email a photo of the front of your ticket(s) to for a quicker response. Please include your phone number in the email but we promise to VERY quickly respond to every email.

Fight Your Long Island Speeding Tickets

If you have ever dealt with a speeding ticket, you know how anxious you felt when those flashing lights shined through your mirror. While it may be appealing to plead guilty and move on with your life, you should keep in mind that speeding tickets carry points. For example, you will get 3 to 11 points for one speeding ticket. The DMV can suspend your driver’s license if you accumulate 11 points within 18 months.

The first thing we do during calls with frustrated clients is to ease their anxiety. While you may not reverse the circumstance that brought the ticket, you can anticipate better outcomes with a speeding ticket lawyer. The next step is to discuss the legal options for fighting the fines, surcharges, and increased insurance rates accompanying a traffic ticket.

How your speeding tickets on Long Island are resolved depends on your driving history, the officer who issued it, how fast over the speed limit you were cruising, which court your ticket will be returned to, and a few other variables. The good news is that you can usually negotiate a plea bargain to a lesser offense in most Long Island courts. This is very different from New York City where the Traffic Violations Bureau does not engage in plea bargaining.

Potential Fine and Speeding Points for a Speeding Ticket on Long Island?

If you are a first-time speeding offender, you can expect to pay between $90 to $600 for a speeding ticket and a surcharge of $70. These fines will become more punitive if you are a repeat offender. The DMV will also give you points based on how fast you were going as follows:

  • Three points: 1-10 miles over the speed limit
  • Four points: 11-20 miles over the speed limit
  • Six points: 21-30 miles over the speed limit
  • Eight points: 31-40 miles over the speed limit
  • Eleven points: 41_ miles and above the speed limit

Types of Long Island Traffic Tickets We Will Fight on Your Behalf

In addition to speeding tickets, we will help you fight other traffic tickets, including:

  • Stop sign tickets
  • Cell phone tickets
  • Reckless driving ticket
  • Illegally passing School Bus traffic ticket
  • Unsafe lane change traffic ticket
  • Disobey traffic control device
  • Driving wrong way traffic ticket
  • Truck tickets
  • Suspensions
  • DWIs
  • HOV lane violations
  • Unsafe Passing
  • Red Light tickets

Long Island, New York Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Even drivers who are exceptionally keen when driving make mistakes, and we believe that minor violations should not define you. Weiss & Associates, PC are seasoned and respected New York attorneys who have helped motorists on Long Island to navigate traffic courts since 1991.

Please call us at (212) 683-7373 or contact us online for a free consultation on your case.