Almost 750,000 people call Monroe County their home, with the City of Rochester being the biggest city in Monroe County. Because it is home to huge companies like Eastman Kodak, Paychex, and Pictometry International as well as a host of other important businesses in or around Rochester, the people of Monroe County are always on the go. All too often they end up receiving tickets from such traffic courts returnable at municipalities such as Brighton Town Court, Brockport Village Court, Rochester Traffic Violations Agency, Greece Town Court, Mendon Town Court, Pittsford Town Court, Webster Town Court, and Wheatland Town Court.

Unfortunately, this means that sometimes people drive a little too fast or don’t pay as much attention to the rules of the road as they should. We understand it, it happens. When it does, call us. We are ready to be your traffic ticket lawyers.

Common Reasons Drivers Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Rochester and Monroe County

Everyone knows that when you get a traffic ticket in Rochester or Monroe County, you have to pay a fine. It can throw off your budget and is a hassle to deal with. But on top of that, you may find that your insurance rates increase. Often insurance carriers can raise your rates if you do not challenge your ticket. It is important to recognize that you are not just paying the upfront cost of the ticket, you are paying an extra amount every month when you are paying your car insurance.

While the amount might not seem like that much when you get your bill, it can add up over time. One of the most important reasons to fight your ticket is because paying for insurance premiums means that you might not be able to afford that vacation or get something nice for yourself.

Speeding Tickets

If you receive a speeding ticket in Rochester or Monroe County, you can expect to pay between $150 and $600, depending on how fast you were going and how many times you have received speeding tickets in the past. On top of this, you will be assessed a surcharge, which is $88 in Rochester and $93 in the surrounding towns and villages.

Fight a License Suspension

For many people in Monroe County, their car is their only way to get around. That means that if your license is suspended, you are in a rough spot. We would never recommend that you drive while your license is suspended because the penalties for doing so are incredibly harsh. We can help you fight your suspension and get you back on the road.

Reckless Driving

According to state law, reckless driving is “driving or using any  motor  vehicle,  motorcycle  or  any other vehicle propelled by any power other than muscular power or any appliance or accessory thereof in a manner which unreasonably interferes with the free and proper  use  or  the  public  highway,  or  unreasonably  endangers  users  of the public highway.” This statute is ambiguous and open to interpretation. If a cop sees you disregarding the rules of the road, they may get you with a reckless driving charge.

Red Light Tickets

When you see a red light, the law says that you need to stop. If you do not stop completely, and a cop sees you, you will get a ticket. This ticket can be up to $150 and includes a surcharge. We can help you deal with the ticket.

Obstructing Intersection Tickets

This type of ticket usually occurs when a driver continues forward at a green light despite the fact that they cannot make it the entire way across the intersection. When the light changes and the cars in front of you can’t move forward, you are blocking traffic. This carries a fine of $150, but no points on your license.

Stop Sign Tickets

Rolling through a stop sign might not seem like that big of a deal, but if a police officer sees you, they may hit you with a ticket. This can result in a fine of up to $243 and add 3 points to your license. It is a good idea to ensure that all four of your tires are not moving at all when you are at a stop sign.

Cell Phone & Texting While Driving Tickets

Texting while driving has been in the news a lot recently. This is for good reason. Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of crashes and deaths on our roads. It is a good idea not to use your phone while driving.

If this is your first offense, you can be fined up to $200. Additionally, this violation carries five driver points on your license.

Points and Fines Associated with Rochester and Monroe County Traffic Tickets

Above, you are going to see a few mentions of fines and points. Fines are more straightforward: this is money that you need to pay to the government as a penalty for committing a traffic violation. More serious traffic violations incur steeper fines. Similarly, if you have committed multiple offenses of the same violation, your fine will also increase.

The point system requires more explanation. If you commit too many violations with an 18 month period, you may have your license suspended. Different violations carry different point values. You will see above that driving and texting carries five points. Going 1 to 10 mph over the speed limit gets you 3 points if you are caught. If you accrue 11 or more points in an 18 month period, you may have your license suspended.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Rochester / Monroe County

Dealing with the justice system can be daunting. Many people have no idea how to enter in evidence or plead their case. There are a lot of rules that come with going to court. Having an experienced Rochester or Monroe County attorney by your side means that you will have someone who can fight for you.

There is no reason that you need to just accept the ticket. The justice system lets you defend yourself. Not everyone is guilty of what the cops claim they did. And even if you know that you did it, you can still get your penalty reduced.

Common Rochester and Monroe County Traffic Ticket Questions

Do I have to appear in court if I hire you?

No. Most of the time, we can fight your case for you. That means that you don’t need to take time off work or waste time from your busy schedule.

How will we communicate?

Most of the time, we use email. We have full staff during business hours to help answer your questions.

Do points or convictions transfer to other states or provinces? 

If you are coming from out of state, the points you get here will not transfer to your home state. It is still a good idea to fight it because your insurance rates might go up. If you are coming from Ontario or Quebec, convictions and points will carry over. So it is especially important for our northern neighbors to get a good traffic ticket attorney.

Why Let Weiss & Associates Fight Your Traffic Ticket Case in Rochester and Monroe County

One of the things that frustrates people the most about the legal system is how much jargon there is. It seems like you need to be a fluent Latin speaker on top of having to sift through dense and confusing laws.

Making things simple is our top value. We believe that you should know what is happening with your case, and we do our best to tell you what is happening so that everyone is on the same page.

Part of that involves being accessible. We have a responsibility to be responsive. We are going to be candid with what is happening, whether it is good news or bad.

Call us today. We are ready to fight for you.