Rensselaer County encompasses only a few miles of the New York State Thruway (I-90) which runs through the southwest corner and crosses the Hudson River into Albany County. Apart from that, the county can only be traveled via local roads, county roads, and state routes. The county encompasses mostly suburban homes, a third of which are located in the city of Troy. Rensselaer County is part of the Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY Metropolitan area. Many motorists pass through Rensselaer County when going to or from the Taconic Parkway.

Motorists should think twice before paying a ticket fee from Rensselaer County. Doing so is an admission of guilt and you will be entered into a guilty plea. Traffic tickets cost far more than just the fine.

The traffic ticket attorneys at Weiss and Associates, PC can help you fight your ticket and can appear on your behalf at any of the below Rensselaer County local traffic courts:

  • Berlin Town Court
  • Brunswick Town Court
  • East Greenbush Town Court
  • Grafton Town Court
  • Hoosick Town Court
  • Nassau Town Court
  • Nassau Village Court
  • North Greenbush Town Court
  • Petersburgh Town Court
  • Pittstown Town Court
  • Poestenkill Town Court
  • Rensselaer City Court
  • Rensselaerville Town Court
  • Sand Lake Town Court
  • Schodack Town Court
  • Stephentown Town Court
  • Troy City Court

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Common Reasons Drivers Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Rensselaer

A traffic ticket attorney can help to avoid the costs, points, and other consequences that come along with a conviction. It will help your chances of seeing your ticket negotiated to a lesser offense, or even dismissed altogether. If you have been ticketed for a violation in Rensselaer County, you should never simply accept the consequences.

Speeding Tickets

In 2019, 11,514 speeding tickets were issued in Rensselaer County, making up over 35% of the total tickets given. Of those, only 4.9% of motorists were able to have their conviction acquitted. Just like most New York State speeding tickets, a guilty conviction can mean fines, points, and increased insurance rates. For more information on how we can help fight your speeding ticket, click here.

Fight a License Suspension

Your New York State driver’s license can be suspended for a number of reasons, and driving with a suspended license is a misdemeanor that carries potential jail time. There are two types of license suspensions: indefinite and definite.

An indefinite suspension means your license will be suspended until further action is taken to reinstate your license. This usually results from a failure to respond to a court summons, report an accident, pay a fine or pay child support. A definite suspension is when there is a period-based suspension ending on a specific date. This can occur from moving violations while on probation, DUI, or accumulating too many points.

Red Light Tickets

Most red-light violations will cost you 3 points on your license in addition to fines and surcharges. If a police officer witnesses you passing a red light, failing to yield right on red, passing a red arrow, passing a flashing red light, and more, you may be issued a red light ticket.

Obstructing Intersection Tickets

Obstructing an intersection in Rensselaer County is when vehicular traffic is stopped on the opposite side of an intersection, and a motorist proceeds to drive into such an intersection with the knowledge that there is not adequate space on the opposite side to accommodate. This is commonly referred to as blocking the box or gridlock and carries a maximum fine of $150.

Stop Sign Tickets

A conviction for running a stop sign (which includes “rolling” through a stop) may result in a fine of $243 and 3 points being added to your driving record for a first offense. If it is a second or third offense, however, the costs and penalties can be much higher.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Tickets

In the state of New York, it is illegal to use any sort of electronic device while operating a motor vehicle. This includes cell phones, but also extends to GPS devices, tablets, and other devices. In 2019, there were 1,215 cell phone and texting tickets issued in Rensselaer County. Of those, only 58 were able to get the charges dismissed.

Points and Fines Associated with Rensselaer County Traffic Tickets

Each traffic offense comes along with its own penalties, depending on a number of factors such as where exactly the violation occurred and the time of day. Speeding, for example, being the most popular kind of traffic ticket that is issued in Rensselaer County, holds a $150 to $600 fine, depending on the MPH over the limit.

Each traffic ticket comes along with an additional state surcharge, which is a mandatory $88 or $93. The amount of points that a motorist receives on their license following a conviction also depends on the type of infraction. If the ticket in question puts the total number of points at 6 or more, the motorist will need to pay a DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. This costs $600 plus $75 for each additional point beyond the six.

New York state drivers are not allowed to surpass 11 points on their license within an 18-month period, or they run the risk of having their driving privileges revoked. It is important to note that a single speeding ticket for driving 41mph over the limit will carry 11 points.

Why Hire a Weiss and Associates, PC to Help Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Rensselaer County

For most traffic charges, an experienced attorney can appear in court on behalf of the driver, ensuring he or she does not have to show up in person. An attorney experienced in the Rensselaer County courts can offer the best possible chance of reducing the ticket to a lesser offense or beating it. In many cases, you may not have to appear in court at all.

Common Rensselaer County Traffic Ticket Questions

Drivers in Rensselaer County are being cited for speeding by local police officers more so than State Troopers, a greater proportion than in any other county. That is why there are a few things to know about Rensselaer’s local traffic laws:

What is the procedure for pleading guilty to my traffic ticket?

While we do not recommend it, even if you are guilty of committing the violation, a motorist can plead guilty by filling out the ticket accordingly and mailing or delivering it to the DMV. The judge will hold a hearing and you must pay all fines, fees, and surcharges that result from the plea. However, before pleading guilty, it is best to contact our office for FREE advice. This advice may save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

Will the court keep me updated on the status of my ticket?

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your tickets have been resolved. If you do not do so you run the risk of having your driving privileges revoked. Generally, you will only be notified of your court date. If you hire a traffic ticket attorney, however, he or she should keep you updated on the status of your case.

Why hire Weiss & Associates, PC?

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For immediate assistance, please call our office at 212-683-7373 or email us a photo of your ticket to for a free consultation.