Staten Island or Richmond County is home to almost 500,000 people. As one of the boroughs of New York City, it is very important economically. And as part of that, many residents of Staten Island need to get around. It is easy to lose track of how fast you are going and drive faster than the speed limit allows. Similarly, motorists who live in Brooklyn and New Jersey often pass through Staten Island as the best way to get across the Hudson River.

Our team of professionals at New York Traffic Ticket is ready to help you out today. We help people throughout New York state, including our neighbors on Staten Island. Read more to learn how we can help you. Sadly, in our opinion, Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau is one of the toughest (if not toughest) places in New York to obtain a successful result when fighting any moving violation. They do not plea bargain and have a high conviction AND suspension rate. You certainly should contact an experienced traffic lawyer before pleading guilty to any Staten Island traffic ticket to understand what is the best approach.

The Staten Island TVB is located in a shopping center. Its physical address is West Shore Plaza, 1775 South Avenue, Suite 2, Staten Island, NY 10314.

Speeding Tickets in Staten Island/Richmond County

The amount of money that you might have to pay for a speeding ticket surprises many of our clients especially in Richmond County. Every moving violation conviction comes with a surcharge. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be hit with an unusually large fine. Those are just the upfront costs.  However, a high fine is not nearly as bad as a suspension and Staten Island has one of the highest suspension rates in the state. Definitely speak with a traffic lawyer before deciding how to handle your case.

We can help you fight that. Our experienced lawyers can help take care of you. You don’t have to take on the legal system by yourself – let our team help you out.

Fight a License Suspension with a Staten Island Traffic Ticket Attorney

That is where Weiss and Associates, PC can help. There are many reasons why the state of New York will suspend your license. You may find your license suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • You didn’t have insurance
  • You were convicted of a drunk or impaired driving charge
  • You received too many traffic tickets in a certain amount of time
  • You did not follow the rules for junior drivers
  • You didn’t answer a traffic ticket
  • You didn’t pay a fine for a traffic ticket
  • You didn’t file an accident report
  • You didn’t pay child support
  • You didn’t pay your NY tax debts

If any of these have happened to you, we may be able to help. Give us a call to get started.

Obstructing Intersection Tickets

This violation involves entering an intersection where there is insufficient room beyond the far crosswalk to accommodate another person’s car. If someone cannot drive in a straight line to go through an intersection, then you may be violating this law.

We have experience with this and have already helped thousands of people across New York. We are ready to fight for you.

Stop Sign Tickets

A stop sign ticket doesn’t seem like a big deal. A stop sign itself doesn’t seem like a big deal, given how often people just roll through them. But make no mistake, you need to deal with it once you get one. For many people, that means just paying the fine and going on their way.

You don’t have to just let it slide. You have the right to fight your ticket, and that is where we can help. Getting the fine reduced or eliminated can mean that you spend your money on what you want to spend it on, not dealing with the DMV.

Cell Phone & Texting While Driving Tickets

Under New York state law, you may not use a cell phone or portable electronic device while you drive. Illegal activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Talking on your cell phone
  • Reading, sending, composing, accessing, browsing, transmitting, saving, or retrieving emails, text messages, or web pages
  • Viewing, taking, or transmitting images
  • Playing games

When you are caught doing this, there is a fine (and a surcharge) that can be up to $400 for your third offense. On top of this, all offenses after June 1, 2013, carry five points on your driver’s license. 

Points & Fines Associated with Staten Island Traffic Tickets

Above, you will see a few references to points. Many traffic violations have points associated with them. This is based on the severity of the offense. For example, if you drive 5 miles per hour over the speed limit, you may be assessed 3 points. If you drive 45 miles per hour over the speed limit, you may be assessed 11 points.

If you accrue 11 points over an 18 month period, then you may face a license suspension. If you receive 6 or more points on your New York State record in 18 months, you must pay for a Driver Responsibility Assessment fee.

There are a few ways that you can have your points reduced. The DMV offers a Point and Insurance Reduction Program course that can subtract points for the purposes of calculating a suspension. On top of that, the easiest way to get your points reduced is to not have points on your license in the first place, which is something that we can help with.

This brings us to the fines. We understand that New Yorkers want to spend their money on their families and themselves, and not give their money to the DMV. Similar to points, more severe offenses carry increased fines. Repeated offenses can also lead to higher fines.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Staten Island

People think of lawyers as expensive. What they don’t think about is how it is more expensive not to hire a lawyer. As we discussed above, there are fines associated with tickets that our team can help with. But you should also know that paying for a ticket may not seem like a big deal at the time, but it can have very serious consequences down the road, such as increased insurance premiums.

Common Staten Island Traffic Ticket Questions

How can a New York traffic lawyer help?

Our New York traffic lawyers understand what you need to win your case. We have already helped many New Yorkers beat their tickets. In particular, we know the types of evidence that you need to prove your case, including how to deal with judges.

Do I have to show up in court if I hire you?

Most of the time, no. We can fight your case for you without you having to take time away from your job or your family. Our goal is to make fighting your case for you as simple as possible.

Do points or convictions transfer from New Jersey?

If you have a New Jersey license, points from a New York conviction will transfer as 2 points to New Jersey (even if New York will put more than 2 points on your New York record for the same conviction). Further, a suspension in New York will be honored by New Jersey.

A traffic ticket may not seem like that much –  just an annoyance. But even the most minor infraction can have effects that last. Weiss & Associates, PC promises to make it as easier as possible for you to fight your ticket.

We make it easy by simplifying and patiently explaining. We understand that legal jargon is almost impossible to understand. That is why we believe in breaking things down.

Call Weiss and Associates, PC today and we will aggressively fight your Staten Island traffic ticket.