There are some pretty busy traffic courts within Westchester County. Our law firm appears in all of the Westchester courts but the ones that appear to be the busiest (in no particular order) are:


  • Greenburgh Town Court
  • New Rochelle City Court
  • Mount Vernon City Court
  • White Plains City Court
  • Harrison Town Court
  • Mount Pleasant Town Court
  • Yonkers City Court

The runner ups are:

  • Bedford Town Court
  • New Castle Town Court
  • North New Castle Town Court
  • Cortland Town Court
  • Mount Kisco Justice Court
  • North Salem Town Court

Of course, traffic courts like Eastchester Town Court, Peekskill City Court, and Pleasantville Village Court are not hurting for “business” either.

If you’ve received a ticket or been accused of a traffic violation in any Westchester city, town, or village court, you may face significant fines and other penalties. Some people even have their right to drive suspended or revoked after too many traffic incidents. The good news is that a qualified traffic lawyer may be able to help you with your case; attorneys can represent you in court and fight for your rights in the face of fines, jail time, license suspensions, and more.

Traffic Violations in Westchester County

Drivers on Westchester highways and roadways may be accused of any number of traffic violations, including:

  • Speeding (the most common)
  • Illegal use of an electronic device (ex. texting and driving)
  • Disobeying a traffic control device
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license

If you get a Greenburgh, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, Harrison, Mount Pleasant, or Yonkers traffic ticket, you can expect anywhere from 2 to 11 points to be applied to your driving record. Lots of convictions within the state can almost immediately stop you from driving.

Traffic tickets in Westchester County come along with a handful of consequences. Most of them will require recipients to pay a fine and surcharge. You also may face increased insurance costs if you are convicted of certain moving violations, and, in some extreme cases, have your license suspended or revoked.

License Suspensions

License suspensions in Westchester County occur for one of two reasons:

  • Conviction of specific violation or violations
  • Accumulation of too many points

There are penalties for driving with a suspended license in Westchester County. It is a criminal offense to drive in New York when you know or should know that your license is suspended. Further, if your New York driver’s license is suspended, that suspension is also honored in the 49 other states. A suspension in New York is a suspension across the US.

Drivers’ licenses are suspended for several reasons in New York. Your license may be suspended or revoked if:

  • You have accumulated 11 or more points on your license within 18 months
  • You have been accused of three or more traffic violations within 18 months
  • You drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You drove without insurance
  • You fled the scene of an accident or you fled an officer
  • You engage in reckless driving
  • You speed or engage in street racing
  • You failed to answer or pay a traffic ticket

Speeding Tickets in Westchester County

In most cases, you should never please guilty to Westchester County speeding ticket. By pleading not guilty, you often can obtain a more favorable result. An experienced traffic attorney can help you attain such a result. And, in most cases, our law office can help you without you needing to waste time appearing in court.

Those convicted of speeding in Westchester County may face a variety of penalties. Fines for speeding range from $45 all the way to $600. Tickets from $200 to $600 are usually reserved for those who speed 31+ mph over the limit. You will also be subject to a surcharge of roughly $90 in addition to the speeding ticket.

The DMV will add points to your driving record if you are convicted of speeding; 3 points for speeding 10 mph or less over the limit; 4 points for speeding 11-20 mph over the limit; 6 points for driving up to 30 mph over the limit; 8 points for speeding 31-40 mph over the limit; 11 points for speeding 41+ mph over the limit

Westchester County speeding ticket convictions can lead to an increase in your monthly car insurance premiums. For just one conviction of 16+ mph, your insurance rates can go up. It is best to consult with (and sometimes hire) an experienced traffic attorney to help you avoid some of the consequences of a speeding conviction. 

Our traffic lawyers may be able to help you avoid or minimize points, fines, and adverse insurance consequences. They usually can save you from wasting your valuable time in court.

Don’t Ignore Your Traffic Ticket

In New York, if you ignore your Westchester County traffic ticket, your driver’s license most likely will be suspended. 

The best step to take is to speak with (and possibly hire based on your circumstances as explained by the lawyer) a qualified traffic attorney who can help. Talk to one of our personnel to see if you can benefit from our service. The consultation and advice are always free.

If you want free advice from our firm, reach out to our traffic lawyers team at Weiss & Associates today. We serve clients throughout Westchester County including Greenburgh, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, White Plains, and Mount Pleasant.