Billionaire Tiger Woods Issued A $164 Traffic Ticket For Careless Driving

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After a 4-day investigation, the Florida Highway Patrol concluded that billionaire Tiger Woods should be issued a $164 traffic ticket for careless driving.  This traffic ticket might be the most famous traffic ticket ever issued and possibly the only one which was the subject of a press conference. 

In Florida, careless driving is a moving violation and carries 4 points.  New York has a similar offense but only imposes 2 points.  As a New York traffic lawyer handing 1,000s of traffic tickets annually, I can tell you that this is not a commonly issued ticket.  It is much more likely for a motorist driving erratically to be issued a reckless driving ticket instead.  Reckless driving is much more serious than careless driving as reckless driving carries 5 points and is a criminal charge (misdemeanor).

Interestingly, if this incident occurred in New York, a careless driving ticket would likely not have been issued even though Mr. Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree.  In New York, a police officer must actually observe the traffic violation as a pre-requisite to issuing a traffic ticket.

Rather, than hiring a traffic lawyer, Woods quickly opted to just pay the $164 ticket.  Too bad as I bet I could have beat it.

Update:  That $164 may not be the only thing that this incident cost Tiger.  As a result of this incident, it has come out that two women (Jaimee Grubbs and Rachel Uchitel) are allegedly paramours of Woods.  This is going to cost him BIG TIME!

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