Urgh!! Speeding Cameras Coming To NYC!!

121102_speed_camera_sign_lgThe NYS Legislature recently approved a pilot program allowing New York City to post 20 speed cameras.   The five-year program requires that the cameras be located near schools.  Mayor Bloomberg tried unsuccessfully to bring speeding cameras to NYC last year.  The new attempt apparently was successful because the safety of children was at issue.   The City prepared a map last March showing locations near schools where 75% of motorists were documented as speeding.

To keep motorists on their toes, the City plans on using a mobile fleet of cameras and moving them around 100 of the most dangerous school zone locations.  Given the mobile nature of the cameras (as well as the City’s secondary desire of raising revenue), I doubt that warning signs will be installed like the one depicted above.

Speeding motorists will receive a ticket in the mail similar to the red light camera tickets that have proliferated throughout New York State.  The fine will be $50 (for now) and the motorist will not get points on his or her driving record and a conviction to such a ticket will not affect insurance rates.

The cameras will be up-and-running by the end of the year.

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  • Hi,
    I went online to pay for my parking ticket. Typed in my plate# and saw one more ticket for speeding camera. It was issued in March but I didn’t receive any notification. Since payment due date was over, I am charged for interest as well. What can I do regarding the speeding camera ticket?


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