Why Should You Fight A New York Speeding Ticket in 2024

Here are some reasons why you should fight a New York speeding ticket in 2024:


The New York DMV assesses points based on the speed over the limit: 3 points for 1 to 10 mph over; 4 points for 11 to 20 mph over; 6 points for 21 to 30 mph over; 8 points for 31 to 40 mph over; and 11 points for 41 mph or more over. Speeding tickets for 8- and 11- points can also lead to a suspension (even with an otherwise good record).


For a first-time New York speeding ticket conviction, fines range from $90 to $600. See the below chart for roughly what your speeding ticket may cost you.


In addition to the fine, New York imposes an automatic $88 or $93 surcharge (depending on whether the driver was in a city or a town/village).

Auto Insurance Premium Increase

Insurance companies can raise premiums based on the points assessed on a driver’s record. Studies have found that a single traffic ticket can lead to up to a 30% increase in auto insurance premiums. In New York, you are allowed one moving violation conviction (unless speeding 16 mph or higher or reckless driving) without your insurance rates going up, assuming you have an otherwise clean record for the past 36 months.

NY Speeding Ticket Fines

The amount of your fine is subject to the judge’s discretion.  He or she has a range within which he or she must fall.  The minimum and maximum fines are higher with higher point speeding violations.  New York State also adds an $88 to $93 surcharge for each moving violation conviction.

Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee

In addition to a fine and surcharge, drivers with 6+ points within an 18-month period face an additional fine known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRAF). For convictions to 6-, 8- and 11-point speeding tickets, you will also have to pay a $300, $450 or $575 Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRAF), and one must add $75 for every additional point within 18 months. The DRAF is billed by DMV and is separate from the fine and surcharge that you pay to the traffic court; it usually is received within 30 days of the underlying conviction.

Second Offenses, Speeding in School Zones and Speeding in Work Zones

Fines for second offenses and, school zones speeding in work zones are even higher. In fact, the judge will double the fine for convictions to these offenses.

Hiring an Attorney

Due to the potential financial impact, hiring a lawyer to reduce or dismiss the ticket can save money. Attorneys can often reduce a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation or plea it down to a lesser-point ticket, minimizing the impact on driving records and insurance rates.

New York City’s TVB

New York City has a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) that processes traffic tickets. The TVB has stricter rules than most courts and does not allow plea bargains or deals. It is either “win or lose” in this venue. Further, at the TVB, the judges can ask questions to help the police officer, hearsay evidence is admissible and guilt is not by a reasonable double (only clear and convincing evidence). Therefore, traffic lawyer representation is particularly useful for traffic tickets issued in NYC.

Out-of-State Drivers

Drivers from other states should not ignore a New York speeding ticket, as it can lead to consequences in their home state, including license suspension. The interplay between New York and other states (and Ontario and Québec provinces) is different from state-to-state. At Weiss & Associates, PC, we have researched that interplay for all other locations so call us at 212-683-7373 to find out what happens to your home state driver’s license if you are convicted in New York of a moving violation.

How to Fight a New York Speeding Ticket

It is advisable to fight a speeding ticket with experienced legal representation. Traffic court processes can be confusing and experienced NY traffic lawyers know what arguments potentially can be successful.

Data on New York Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets make up a significant percentage of traffic violations in New York, with over 560,000 issued in 2021. Excessive speed is a major cause of traffic accidents, resulting in over 10,000 injuries and 323 deaths in 2021.

Who Should You Contact

If you have been charged with disobeying a traffic control device or with a speeding ticket, the attorneys at Weiss & Associates, PC can help. Our team of experienced New York traffic ticket attorneys will do their very best for you. Since 1991, we have helped 100,000s of motoristsE-mail or call 212-683-7373 today. 

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer

Pros and cons of hiring a traffic attorney infographic

The Metrics of Speeding Tickets

A large portion of moving violations that are issued in New York are for excessive speeding. The Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) reports that, in 2022, police issued over 2.5 million total tickets and that 525,573 were for speeding tickets. Speeding is a big cause of major accidents with, in 2022, 1,092 fatal crashes. The below graphics from the ITSMR contain additional, relevant data.

ITSMR Traffic Data

In Conclusion…

Despite the widespread knowledge of the dangers of speeding, it still occurs regularly in New York State. Further, cities, towns and villages actively enforce speed limits and, as a result, issue many speeding tickets.  We recommend that you slow down, use cruise control and avoid the left lane (except for passing).  We hope you can all avoid getting ticketed, but are available for free consultations if you are unlucky.

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