Suffolk County Red Light Camera Program

Posted by Matthew Weiss on November 13, 2010  /   Posted in Traffic Tickets

The Suffolk County Red Light Safety Program involves the installation of red light cameras  in Suffolk County at up to 50 intersections. This page lists the locations of some of the red light cameras in Suffolk County.

A red light camera takes photographs of motorists who disobey red lights and then sends them a ticket in the mail and assesses a $50 fine (plus $4 processing fee for credit card payments). Points are NOT assessed for these infractions and they are NOT reported to auto insurance companies.

The registered owner is responsible for paying the ticket and, if remains unpaid, a default conviction and a $25 late fee will be imposed. Eventually, the owner’s registration can be placed on hold for non-payment.

Intersection                           Town           Direction

27N @ CR112 Johnson Ave     Bohemia           SB
27N @ CR112 Johnson Ave     Bohemia           WB
27N @ CR112 Johnson Ave     Bohemia           NB
27N @ CR112 Johnson Ave     Bohemia           EB
28 NSR @ Rt112                    E Patchogue      SB
27 NSR @ Rt112                   E Patchogue      WB
LIE NSR @ Wheeler Road       Hauppauge        SB
LIE NSR @ Wheeler Road       Hauppauge        WB
454 @ Motor Parkway            Islandia             NB
454 @ Motor Parkway            Islandia             SB
454 @ Motor Parkway            Islandia             EB
454 @ Motor Parkway            Islandia             WB
454 @ Suffolk Ave                 Islandia             NB
454 @ Suffolk Ave                 Islandia             SB
LIE NSR @ Motor Parkway      Lakeland           SB
LIE NSR @ Motor Parkway      Lakeland           WB
LIE NSR @ Old Nichols Road   Lakeland           SB
LIE NSR @ Old Nichols Road   Lakeland           WB
LIE NSR @ Ocean Ave            Lakeland           SB
LIE NSR @ Ocean Ave            Lakeland           WB
LIE SSR @ Ocean Ave            Lakeland           NB
LIE SSR @ Ocean Ave            Lakeland           EB
LIE NSR @ Ronkonkoma Ave  Ronkonkoma      SB
LIE NSR @ Ronkonkoma Ave  Ronkonkoma      WB

LIE NSR @ Commack Road    Commack           SB
Rt 25 @ Pidgeon Hill              S Huntington      EB
Rt 25 @ Pidgeon Hill              S Huntington      WB

Please email me at if you know of other locations.


  1. David February 19, 2013 10:21 pm Reply

    Got caught twice (one week apart) in January for right turn on Red. I got lost on these signs and different rules on different intersections. I’ve been driving in the states in the South and in the Midwest and it’s OK to turn right on Red when cautions are exercised. Now, I’m scared of driving on the road in Long Island. If safety is of the utmost concerns of Suffolk County Authority, strictly implementing Red Light Camera Program might not be a good idea because driving on the road is all about real response/reaction in real situation and not simply the traffic rules on the paper (got rear-ended is a good example as many have mentioned in their comments). A warning notice should be sent out for the first time and Suffolk County Authority shouldn’t be just so eager to collect money from drivers/taxpayers. I felt got robbed of $100 within one week …..

  2. Steve August 22, 2012 12:16 am Reply

    I grew up in suffolk, and left 16 years ago because of this kind of brainless use of taxpayer funds. I sure am glad I moved my business out of there and started over….Suffolk county does not deserve a dime. Just got one of these violations at corner of Mark Tree road and eastbound 347. There is a no turn on red sign there…so , I looked around and no cars were heading into the direction I was turning into, so I did something thats very rare today and I (used my brain, which actually still works) and decided it was safe to turn even though a stupid sign with NO BRAINS was telling me not to use my brains. But thats pretty much suffolk county in a nutshell – do NOT use your BRAIN – WE ARE YOUR BRAIN. Incredibly, I survived, no one died, no one was hurt and life actually continued. Now lets say it went the other way, and I stayed put, and got rear – ended while pondering to use my brain or not…and I was seriously hurt. Where do you think Suffolk county would be for that one? I bet vacationing in the Carrabean… this person, call that person – no one can figure out who to talk to to resolve your problem…what a joke.

  3. Agata January 27, 2012 5:04 pm Reply

    o.k. This is bordering on stupid. There are so many cameras–none with signs that I’ve seen–that I almost had an accident looking for them. This is driver danger. I’m going to start writing letters.

  4. Chip January 20, 2012 7:12 am Reply

    Sit at any intersection with a red light camera at any time of day and count how many times the lights flash, in what we suppose, is someone running a red light. Now times that by all cameras in Suffolk County and times that by how many times the light cycles in a day. Of course, the wee hours probably don’t see as many drivers, but you get the point. Now try to figure out how much money Suffolk County makes on a daily basis, based on the flashing lights times $50 a pop. How can our county be in financial trouble, with this unlimited source of income? Does it make my taxes go down? NO! Do these cameras make safer drivers? I don’t know, but after my ticket, I’m more likely to sit out the light and piss off the people behind me. And in doing so, I have had many near misses on being rear-ended. I paid it once, and only after my second notice, and left out the “late fee.”

  5. B Silverman January 7, 2012 1:30 pm Reply

    The percentage of the late fee is absolutely absurd. The Feds passed a law last year limiting the percent late charge credit card companies can charge. This was enacted to “protect” the consumer and ensure that the “fees are fair”. I guess the government is can charge 50% late charge after a few days.. they must be exempt from “protecting” the consumer and being fair. I moved and my mail forwarding delayed the ticket enough to be charged the late fee. I just paid it and and the late fee.

    • Matthew Weiss January 7, 2012 6:52 pm Reply

      B Silverman,

      I have to agree. A 10% late fee is more reasonable.

      Matthew Weiss

    • Steve August 22, 2012 11:51 am Reply

      Actually its against credit card rules and regulations in any merchant policy with any entity that accepts credit cards to be charging additional costs just because the customer uses a credit card. National grid electric and many gas stations in Suffolk county are in violation. Regretably it seems there are not enough agencies to enforce all these laws anymore, and the only solution they seem to believe will fix it all is to just pay higher costs. I wonder if they looked at the countrys credit rating lately? Regretably it looks like to me we are ripening up for another 911……keep pissing off people who are suppose to be watching this countries back and you are asking for it.

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