Manhattan North Traffic Violations Bureau Has Moved

The Manhattan North Traffic Violations Bureau recently moved its location to 5 W. 125th St. 2nd Floor, New York, NY. Previously, the court was located at 159 E 12th Street, 3rd Floor, in Manhattan. The Senior Judge is currently Darlene Ritter and its associate judges are Stacy Robinson, Nicola Yunusov, Rantediva Singh, and Marjorie Martin.
The Man No TVB is commonly referred to as the “Harlem Court” because of its location within East Harlem. The court is accessible by the 4 and 5 train stops at 125th Street and the 125th Street Metro North station. There are various parking options nearby.
The court hears traffic ticket matters that occurred in the upper half of Manhattan as well as most of the Manhattan-based speeding tickets (such as those issued on the West Side Highway, Henry Hudson Parkway, and FDR Drive). Other offenses that are commonly issued in Manhattan are failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians, improper turns, disobeying a traffic control device, running a red light, and failing to safely pass.
The Man No TVB (like all TVB locations) does not allow for plea bargaining. So, if you plead not guilty to an offense, the court will schedule a hearing date where the only outcomes are guilty or not guilty. There is no pre-hearing discovery and pre-hearing motions are not allowed. Further, hearsay is admissible and the judges are allowed to ask police officers clarifying questions.
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