Toll Cheat Nailed At George Washington Bridge


092711tolls_dngnkPolice recently arrested a truck driver who cheated the Port Authority out of thousands of dollars in toll money. Marcus Tifa was caught when blew through a cash lane in a Freight Liner tractor trailer without paying.

Tifa, a veteran toll beater, apparently had flipped his license plates so they could not be read. When Tifa was pulled over it was determined that he had a suspended New Jersey license and three, open arrest warrants. It was also determined that Tifa owed roughly $28,000 in tolls and fees. Tifa was charged with theft of services and tampering with public records.

Tifa caught one break. He could have been charged with disobeying a traffic control device in that he failed to obey the signage directing motorists to pay a toll. Disobeying a traffic control device is a 2-point ticket in New York and carries roughly a $150 fine. Somehow he escaped issuance of this charge

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