Man "Laps" Manhattan in 24 Minutes And Then Gets Caught By Video Surveillance Cameras

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speed7n-1-webChristopher Adam Tang was stupid enough to drive his 2006 BMW Z4 around Manhattan like a race car driver. He was even stupider to video record his recklessness using a dashboard camera. And finally he was especially stupid to post his inculpatory video on YouTube (under the name “Afroduck”).

Bulldog NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly wasn’t having any part of it. He assigned Highway Patrol to catch this dope. Using surveillance video recordings as well as his own online admissions, Tang was arrested and charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment, following too closely and three other counts.

ku-mediumTang, a professional day trader, started on the Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive at 116th Street, proceeding south around the southern tip of Manhattan and, then, up the West Side Highway. He then cut east near the George Washington Bridge to the starting point. Tang said that his average speed was “only” 66 mph but also bragged that he consistently was speeding over 100 mph. Another bozo who tried this same stunt, admitted on to reaching speeds of 144 mph.

Reckless driving in New York is a misdemeanor (criminal) charge which carries up to 1 year in jail, 5 points and a heft fine. It also can result in your insurance being increased. Reckless endangerment  is likewise a misdemeanor and can result in jail time. The other charges against Mr. Tang are traffic violations that carry points and fines.

The below video shows how dangerous Afroduck showing him reaching very high speeds, weaving between lanes and even running a red light. Tang’s licensed was immediately suspended, and $10,000 bail was imposed. Tang likely will want to resolve the case through a plea bargain (if he’s given that opportunity). If it goes to trial, it will be interesting to see how the People prove that the defendant was actually the operator (i.e., Are his admissions and video enough to convict?).

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