Best Traffic Ticket Stop EVER!!!

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  • Hi, I am very confused as to why I am still getting tickets at the intersection of NY111
    and I-495 coming from Smithtown. There is a sign on the right hand side saying “right lane must turn right” there is NO sign that says no turn on red. So, I make sure I come to a complete stop and then make the right turn. I do this because I have gotten a ticket before for just going through and not making a stop first.
    Well I got two new tickets in the mail today for $80.00 each!!! also talking about them tacking on an additonal $30.00 for administration fees. I don’t understand why I got the tickets in the first place since I stopped and there is no sign saying no turn on red.
    What shall I do about this Matthew?


    Kathy D

    • Kathy,

      Weird scenario. If there is truly no sign and you can to a complete stop, then you should plead not guilty and fight these tickets. Presumably, the video of your maneuver will back you up. Also, take photos of the area so you can show the judge that there are no signs prohibiting rights on red.

      Good luck!

      Matthew Weiss


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