Child Seat Belt Tickets And Other Info

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Unlike adult seat belts violations, traffic tickets issued for failing to wear a child seat belt carry 3 points each.  However, the points do not make these serious tickets, nor does the approximate $150 to $250 fine.  Rather, the fact that precious young lives are placed at risk by those who violate this law is what is critical.

There are various types of child car seats on the market.  Some are for infants while others are for young children.   Even within the same age category, some child seat belts are better than others.  So doing your research is important to make sure you have the right one for your child.

Even the right child seat is worthless if not properly installed and secured, however.  Failing to properly do so can lead to serious injuries (even in a low impact collision).  The seat should fit tightly within the car (as if it were part of the vehicle).  Carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions is critical.

When it comes to child passengers, there is not substitute for care and attentive.  Drive safely!

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