Taxi Crack Down Of Hustlers At NYC Airports

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Anyone who flies regularly in New York City is aware of men who work the baggage claim area looking to hustle taxi rides from arriving travelers.  These gentlmen are not licensed, their vehicles often do not carry adequate (if any) auto insurance, and they usually charge much more than a yellow cab.

Fortunately, the Port Authority Police and Taxi & Limousine Commission this week initiated a crack down on unlicensed taxi drivers who hustle passengers at New York City airports.  Seventeen men were arrested at Kennedy International Airport which coincided with a new law imposing tougher penalties on unlicensed taxi drivers.  Under a new state law signed last month, un-licensed hacks face up to 90 days in jail and fines as high as $1,250.  Such violations previously resulted in the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

Last month, the Port Authority arrested 6 taxi cab dispatchers who were taking bribes to allow licensed cabbies to skip the line to get a new fare.

The above activity is should clean up things at the airports (at least for a little while) and is well-timed as we start the business travel season of the year.

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